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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Helpful Properties of Olive leaf

Growth and appearance of cancer cells diminished from using olives

A study of the properties of the olive leaf and skin has been carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Granada. Their findings revealed that the properties found that maslinic acid, a substance found in the crushed olive pulp actually reduced the risk of carcinogens and associated processes.

The results of the research from the University of Granada have demonstrated what action maslinic takes when applied to the development of the cells of cancerous tumours. As an enzyme that hydrolyzes proteins, Maslinic acid is important in the regulation of the growth of cells. As a treatment for cancer it is beneficial because maslinic acid controls hypertrophy, the excessive development of an organ or cells, and hyperplasia a condition common to cancer sufferers.

Professor L Cara, from the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, directed the work of PhD student Fernando Zurita. They summarised their findings by describing the three distinct advantages of the use of maslinic acid in the field of oncology. Firstly, highly cytotoxic is created naturally and therefore less toxic than other anti cancer products that contain chemicals. Its second advantage is that it only affects cells that are carcinogenic and have higher levels of acid in their pH. And thirdly, it protects and inhibits the appearance of cancer in cells that are more predisposed to becoming cancerous.

Treating cancer of all types

The research directed by Professor L Cara focussed entirely on the treatment of colon cancer by studying the effects of maslinic acid when used on affected cells. The study was carried out using transgenic mice but the research group under Professor Cara are still considering the likelihood that it may be possible in the future to apply this treatment to human cancer patients.

High concentrations of maslinic acid can be found in olive skin wax, as a pentacylic terpene it acts as not only an anti inflammatory and antioxidant but is anti-carcinogenic.

The Faculty of Sciences in the University of Granada is the only place in the world where maslinic acid is produced at semi-industrial levels.

olive leaf health benefits

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