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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Vinaigrette dressing a simple taste

Simple Sophistication: The Vinaigrette

At first glance, the vinaigrette seems to be nothing more than just a mixture of oil, vinegar, herbs, and spices. It is a sauce so simple that it hardly seems like it can deliver anything at all. But vinaigrette is more than that; this amazing dressing can transform your salads and other meals into something more.

What’s the fascination with this simple addition to a meal? Its refreshing and clean flavors make it one of the most scrumptious things one can enjoy in their life. Vinaigrette can do wonders for any dish. It can transform a simple bowl of greens in to a heartwarming salad, or uplift a plate of chicken or steak with just a little drizzle. It is sometimes just the thing we are looking for when we want to turn our simple dining fare into extraordinary plates. A fresh salad dressed in the perfect vinaigrette can be the answer to our prayers when we just want something refreshing, or something that tastes like it came straight from the market.

Making your own vinaigrette is easy and the secret to making your own great tasting classic is the three to one ratio. Follow this proportion and your vinaigrettes are sure to taste superb.

Creating the vinaigrette is easy as the ingredients needed are few, although quality is an important consideration, and the process is simple and uncomplicated. Usually, a recipe would call for oil, vinegar, salt, and fresh black pepper. The only equipment would be a bowl and a small whisk. It helps to dissolve the salt in the vinegar first, as it won’t dissolve in oil alone. Once this is done, the oil is slowly drizzled into the vinegar to emulsify it. You may choose to add other ingredients to add flavor and texture and flavor to the mix, such as shallots, mustard, and other herbs and spices.

There are different kinds of vinaigrettes and each kind goes better with a certain food or dish. A soft and gentle tasting extra virgin olive oil would compliment a green salad exquisitely, especially if it is matched with fresh herbs. Vinaigrettes with sharper, more pronounced flavors go well with food that carry strong flavors as well, such as steaks or wilted bitter greens. Fish or steaks of light meat go well with vinaigrette that carries a more mustardy flavor. Certain dressings are paired up with certain dishes to create a medley of wonderful flavors.

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to follow the 3:1 ratio. You can veer away from this proportion depending on the type of vinegar you used. High acid vinegar calls for a little more oil, while the milder ones may stick to the usual proportion. Chopped basil, diced shallots, or mashed garlic are great additions for flavor and add texture to your mixture as well. Grated ginger and wild honeys are also some ingredients you can try. Of course, if you are truly after the simple beauty of the recipe, keep it simple. Vinaigrette remains as superb even when left in its minimalist glory.

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