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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Oil And Vinegar Cruets: A Unique Birthday Gift For Everyone

Cruets for oil and vinegar, the unique gift.

Thinking of getting your special one a unique birthday present? Tired of the same old ideas of giving birthday card, jewelries, books, hi-tech gadgets and household items?

There are times a unique birthday gift idea simply evades you. Birthdays are special occasions that deserve thoughtful consideration. Everyone wants to give their loved ones a unique and memorable gift, and make them feel special. A unique and memorable gift comes from the heart and usually evokes emotion from the recipient. It’s the thought that counts, that is a priceless expression of love.

There is no right or wrong gift for someone you care about, but he or she will measure the quality of the gift by how much thought you put in choosing the gift. Sometimes it is hard to find a perfect gift. You may not see the recipient for ages because your work is keeping you busy. Or you may only see them during special occasions, like a family reunion, wedding, holiday, or the like. Most of the time, you just have no time to search for the perfect gift for someone you seldom meet and see. However, finding a unique gift without breaking your budget is not that hard, especially if the recipient is a food lover. If you want to go beyond your normal gift ideas, take a look at gourmet oil and vinegar cruets, as a birthday gift selection.

Cruets are small decanters for the oil and vinegar to display on your dining table. The old-fashioned type of tiny jug with a glass stopper is a fine collectible even if you don’t usually dash vinegar on your cooked greens or oil and vinegar on your salad. The unique design of the fashioned pour spout allows a steady slow stream of oils when pouring onto fresh vegetables, bread or soups. Cruets were popular in the Victorian eras which showcase the finest glass and ceramic vesels with elegant and tight-fitting stoppers.

Several types of cruets include Amberina, Anchor Hocking, Baccarat, Bohemian, Burmese, Cambridge, Carnival, Chocolate Glass, Crackle, Cranberry, Custard, cut glass, Depression glass, Dorflinger, Duncan and Miller, Fenton, Fostoria and Greentown glass – just to name a few. Which cruets are suitable for you? That depends on your own personal preferences. sells many kinds of cruets at very affordable prices. The easiest way is to buy cruets online as you can order from the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

So, next time if you are stuck with idea for a birthday gift, do remember that cruets make a unique and creative gift for anyone who loves food and yourself too. This unique innovation of hand blown glass container will surely add distinction and function to the dining table. A glass within glass cruet adds conversation to the table as well.

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