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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Vinaigrette To Shake Or Whisk

Vinaigrette And Simple Whisking

While shaking your vinaigrette mixture in a jar isn’t necessarily wrong to do (many folks use this method), whisking your vinaigrette is a much better option. When whisking, make sure you’re using a good wire whisk and a bowl or container that is wide enough to accommodate all the whisking action that will be happening, and deep enough to keep the vinaigrette inside as you whirl it around. It’s also recommended that you use a clear bowl, so as to have a better visual of the proportions you’ve put into your mixture. This way, it will be easy for you to adjust and eyeball the situation better.

Preparing your vinaigrette this way is very simple. The first step will be to whisk your vinegar and all the seasonings you’ve decided to use in the bowl. The flavors of the seasonings will develop as you whisk along, so don’t forget to taste your mixture every so often. If you feel like your dressing is a lacking salt, then by all means add. If it’s turned out to be too salty, then add a little vinegar to balance things off. When you’re finally satisfied with the way your initial mixture tastes, whisk in some oil by drizzling it slowly into your bowl. Keep in mind, though, that the olive oil tames some of the flavors so just adjust depending on your taste.

The key to this procedure? Taste as you go along. If you’re tasting, you’re adjusting and you’ll be able to achieve the flavor that you want. Once you’ve reached your desired flavor, it’s never a bad idea to take a leaf of lettuce and sample your dressing. Dip the leaf in the dressing to see how it is going to taste with the salad itself.

After all that, you’re finally ready to toss up your salad. Always remember to toss it just before serving. Whisk through your vinaigrette one last time, and then drizzle some dressing over your salad. Toss to coat each leaf thoroughly, but do this gently as you don’t want to bruise the leaves. Remember, the quality of the ingredients, specifically the olive oil and the vinegar will translate directly to how good your vinaigrette turns out.

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