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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil qualities

The Qualities of a Fine Olive Oil

There are so many regarding olive oil: What is the difference between an extra virgin olive oil, a 100 percent pure olive oil, and a simple virgin olive oil? How should olive oil be stored? How long does it keep? What are the various uses for olive oil? There is an answer for each of these questions to quiet the minds of olive oil users everywhere.

The key traits that characterize olive oil are its smooth and fragrant bouquet to the nose and its delicate non-oily flavor on the tongue. The types of olive oil are based on which pressing they come from. The first cold press, which is the first press of the olive without the use of any heat, produces the first press of olives. The second press is where virgin olive oil comes from. The third and final press involves the use of heat or even chemicals and produces what is simply olive oil.

When it comes to talking about storage, always remember to store your olive oil in a cool dark place away from sunlight, which can turn your oil more rancid in a shorter time. Most Italian producers recommend that olive oil be used within eighteen months of bottling in order to enjoy its best flavor. Nowadays, we see bottles with a “use by” date more often, and this is being practiced by more and more producers.

So what kind of olive oil works best for what? There are several good tips that one must remember when using olive oil; for drizzling, it is best to use a good quality extra virgin olive oil – on top of vegetables, meats, and salad dressings. For sautéing, 100% olive oil works well. Most chefs prefer to use this kind of olive oil for frying since it has a higher heating point than extra virgin olive oil and is, of course, considerably cheaper.

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