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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil Fights Cancer

A new way to help fight cancer is olive oil, according to new research. Even though extra virgin olive oil is a favorite in Italian cuisine, it can also be beneficial in helping to fight cancer.

There are special chemicals that are known to kill cancer cells: photochemical polyphenols. The chemicals were discovered at the University of Granada and the Catalan Institute of Oncology. These chemicals are found in fine extra virgin olive oils. According to the coauthor Javier Menendez his research has found that the major complex phenols contained in extra virgin olive oil can extremely hold back the rapid growth of HER2, a cancer gene that is found in breast cancer cells.

During lab experiments when researchers separated the parts of oil into fractions and tested those the portions that had extra virgin photochemical polyphenols, it was discovered that they constrained HER2 gene. It was discovered that the polyphenols, found in olive oil, could contribute a safe and great base for the creation of anti-breast cancer medicine.

Source: BMC Cancer, 2008:8:377

Olive oil may be able to fight breast cancer.

Since researchers have discovered that olive oil contains chemicals that keep cancer cells from multiplying, it may become a new way of making new medicines to help fight certain cases of breast cancer. We can protect ourselves against types of cancer by using olive oil, a popular Mediterranean diet.

A group of researchers at the University of Granada, located in Spain, have discovered two isolated chemicals that may be an important component in olive oil, that would block a protein that is linked with certain types of breast cancers.

About one fifth of the tumors that are found in breast cancer patients contain the HER2 protein and can spread more rapidly that any other types of cancer. A drug known as Herceptin, can help to fight these forms of cancer and possibly aid in controlling them if they should return.

A new study according to the journal of BioMed Central shows that secoiridoids and lignans produce the similar result as Herceptin does.

When olives are pressed without the use of chemicals or heat, extra virgin olive oil is the result. Extra virgin oil has phytochemicals that can be lost in the conversion process.

A cancer information officer, Dr Joanna Owens, at the Cancer Research in the United Kingdom concludes that if one uses a Mediterranean diet containing olive oil, and by decreasing the amount of saturated fats contained in Cakes chocolates and other foods then they can help protect themselves against cancer.

The oil used in the lab experiments done by researchers have a lower concentration than those of people who actually consumed olive oil in their diets. Learning more about plant chemicals is still at a beginning stage, but is a good step in the direction for developing medicines that can prevent cancer.

olive oil fights cancer

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