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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

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Oil And Vinegar Cruet Gift Set

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Oil And Vinegar Cruet Set

oil and vinegar cruet gourmet gift setOil and Vinegar Cruet Gourmet Gift Set.

Choose to send this gift item by USPS Priority Mail. This oil and vinegar cruet gourmet set makes a perfect gift selection for any occasion. It is popular for Mother’s Day, housewarming and birthday gifts.

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Oil And Vinegar Cruet Grape

The Gourmet Gift set comes with Italian cold pressed olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy. Cold pressed gourmet olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar add a healthy flourish to salads, pastas, and Italian cuisine. It also comes with the number one item no kitchen or dining table should ever be without, a unique oil and vinegar cruet.

Perfect pantry additions for every cook.

Includes with the gift set:

  • Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 fl oz.
  • Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 fl oz.
  • An exquisite crystal European hand blown Grape design Oil And Vinegar Cruet

Give a holiday gift of a gourmet oil and vinegar. Imported Italian gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil and aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. The glass oil and vinegar cruet is included in the gourmet gift set with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Bread Dipping Dishes Gift Set

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Bread dipping dishes gift set are the small dishes perfect for dipping sauces such as olive oil, herbs and spices, balsamic vinegar, with Parmesan cheese or any other cheeses that you can dip your bread into while you’re waiting for your main course or your salad at a restaurant. Now you can have this at home with this lovely gift set you can find online the at . They are reasonably priced see you can order more than one set for everyone on your list.These lovely Italian bread dipping dishes have a built-in swirl so when you pour the oil or Balsamic vinegar onto the dish it follows the swirl and makes a lovely pattern. Bread dripping dishes gift set make the perfect holiday hostess gift when going to a party or they make a great gift for someone at your office or a neighbor or your child’s teacher or a friend or family member. Anyone who enjoys entertaining would love to receive these lovely bread dishes to be used again and again before meals at dinner parties they hold that their house.

Bread dripping dishes gift set allows each person to have their own bread dish for dipping instead of sharing which can cause all kinds of problems the least of which is elbow room. All that is required is the addition of a fresh baked loaf of Italian or French bread … sliced in 3/4 inch thick slices; Add the flavorful Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, sprinkle in the Bread Dipping Herbs and Spices… and enjoy!

Bread dripping dishes gift set are white stoneware and are the perfect accent to any décor because they absorb the colors around them and make the perfect accent to whatever dining style you’ve set your table to. Comes in sets of four single serving dishes, each stoneware dish is made in the USA, microwave and dishwasher safe. This gift set makes an ideal Christmas gift for any kitchen.

bread dipping dishes gift set, dipping dish, oil dipping


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Online Gift Shopping

Thursday, October 09th, 2008

Online Gift Shopping for every occasion

The Holidays are fast approaching, and with it comes the foreboding feeling of Christmas gift shopping. High gas prices, fighting for a parking space at crowded shopping malls, and the anxiety of not knowing what to get, all lend to the growing apprehension that comes with the holiday season. But there is a way to circumvent all of the above. Christmas gifts don’t need to be a hassle. Shopping online at your leisure may be just the answer. In fact, the chances of the gift being received in the same spirit it is given is better, because you can sit down in the quietness of your own monitor, at your convenience, and browse with your perfect beverage. So the question: what to give for a Holiday Gift that will be liked? Most people like to eat good food, and they also like innovation. offers an excellent selection of ideal Christmas gifts, which are quite appealing to most folks.

There are several Christmas gift ideas that can be purchased online, with no hassle, and even sent directly to whom the gift is intended. Of course, taking advantage of shopping early for Holiday gifts while inventory still lasts is always a benefit. The following selections we found made exceptional gifts:


Why not give a gift of Gourmet Olive oil and Vinegar? Gourmet olive oil and Balsamic vinegar are classic staples that should be in every pantry. This gift set includes a hand blown glass grape cruet which holds both oil and vinegar in the same bottle for table serving. The inner portion of the glass is an intriguing shape of a cluster of grapes designed to hold the vinegar, while the portion of glass around the grapes holds the olive oil. The set includes Imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. Quality condiments are exquisite flavors that will enhance salads, pastas, and numerous other dishes such as bread dipping sauces.

Gourmet Gift Set Includes:
– 1 bottle Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 fl oz. made by Masserrie di Sant’Eramo
– 1 bottle Italian Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 fl oz. produced by Masserrie di Sant’Eramo
– 1 Elegant European hand blown glass Grape Cruet


Beautifully hand blown by artisans in Europe, the Grape oil and vinegar glass Cruet is an exclusive gift idea. It’s very elegant with any table setting. Made of SIMAX glass, a European equivalent of PYREX, which is durable and practical for every day use. Includes cork closures. Two from the European factory plus two extras. Truly an unusual gift for the table and kitchen. 

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Modena Balsamic Vinegar

Monday, April 30th, 2007

modena balsamic vinegarVilla Bellentani Aceto VSQP 8.5 oz

Italian Balsamic vinegar. Balsamico Estate produced. Villa Bellentani Balsamico di Modena 8.5 ounces Aceto VSQP. Black Label, (250 ml) Very Special Quality Product is a 12 year aged balsamic vinegar produced in Modena Italy. Dark colored and a full consistence.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena. Black Label – “Very Special Quality Product” (V.S.Q.P.)

This vinegar, mature and rich in flavor is aged for 12 years in small casks made of fine antique woods. This aging process creates a dense, pleasantly sweet syrup in which the flavors of the fruit and woods is discernable. The unique and delicate flavor make it a wonderful taste for oil and vinegar dressings or a treat which can be enjoyed on simple foods like ice cream or fresh strawberries.

Modena Villa Bellentini Aceto VSQP is syrupy sweet with only a hint of vinegar tartness. Aged gourmet balsamic vinegar is ideal in oil and vinegar recipes. This gourmet condiment is used as a dessert topping, drizzled over fresh fruits, ice creams or cakes.

Price $22.45

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Drizzlers Set With Oil And Vinegar

Monday, April 30th, 2007

drizzle cruetsDrizzler Cruets set

Comes with Italian gourmet Masserie Oil and Vinegar.

Drizzle Cruets, Oil and vinegar gift set. Includes gourmet olive oil and Modena balsamic. Matching oil and vinegar drizzle cruets of elegant European style and design. A unique gift idea for any occasion. Just in time for the holidays. This truly unique oil and vinegar gourmet set makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

  • Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 fl oz.
  • Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 fl oz.
  • Elegant European hand blown Drizzle Cruets

 Gift set of a gourmet oil and vinegar. Includes glass oil and vinegar drizzle cruets table decanters. Gourmet Olive Oil and aged balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. Made of hygienic hand-blown borosilicate glass.


Gourmet Oil and Vinegar Gifts

Monday, April 30th, 2007

olive oil and balsamic vinegar giftGourmet Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Gift

Olive oil from Spain and Italian aged Balsamico. Cold pressed Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil. V.S.O.P. Villa Bellentini, Aceto.

A perfect blend of smooth Spanish extra virgin olive oil with authentic aged Italian balsamico. Spanish Olive oil and Italian aged Balsamico Both in exquisite square bottles.

Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in the Southern province of Andalusia, Spain. 8.5 oz. matched with Italian, Villa Bellentini, Aceto V.S.O.P Balsamico di Modena, 8.5 oz

Grape Cruet

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Grape Cruet

Oil and vinegar Grape Cruet, hand blown glass design. Grape shaped oil and vinegar cruet. Elegant design is a great gift for the collector of grape shaped art.

Each Grape Cruet is hand-crafted to showcase both inner and outer grape resemblances. The outer Grape crystal transparency accents the inner Grape Cruet vessel. Absolutely gorgeous when filled. The Grape Cruet is designed to fit easily in one hand for decanting oil and vinegar on the table.

Unique gift idea for the kitchen. Made in Europe of SIMAX glass. Each cruet comes with two corks and is shipped double boxed.

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Grape Cruet Decanter For Vinegar And Oil

Monday, April 30th, 2007

grape cruet for oil and vinegarGrape Cruet For Oil And Vinegar

A Grape Cruet from Europe is a hand blown glass decanter which features glass within glass design for oil and vinegar.  The grape cruet is a handblown cruet made to showcase both oil and vinegar in a clear glass container. It is beautiful when filled with oil and vinegar. The inside glass vessel magnifies after filling of olive oil.  

The grape cruet is one of our most popular cruets. It is designed to fit easily in one hand for dispensing oil and vinegar. Used on the tables of fine Italian restaurants throughout the USA. Hand made in Europe of technical grade glass. Every grape cruet comes with two bartop corks and is shipped double boxed.


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Food and cooking blogs welcome

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

For those of you who have food, cooking, or recipe blogs, and/or sites; you are welcome to write a post about your site inviting readers to view them.

Gourmet oil and vineger, will take a look to verify your blog. If you have linked to us and your site is relevent to our content, we will back link as well.

Take a moment to express your cooking or eating prowess.

Our rss feed is available as well if you would like to use it on your site.

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Chef Blogs for further Culinary reading

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

A new food blog directory and information resource can be found here:

Chefs blogs are sorted by particular regions, topics and professional references. Each entry is a Culinary weblog by Chefs and others in the Food industry.

Mediterranean Food Recipes – A web site about italian food recipe, to share the secrets of mediterranean food diet and much more dishes chefs blogs, culinary links

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