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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Saturday, November 01st, 2008

Christmas Gift ideas, with class, yet affordable. 

Each year the holiday season brings the familiar question, ‘where do we look for Christmas gift ideas?’ Taste and personal preference matter, as well as the budget, so a good selection of holiday gift ideas must be affordably priced to suit every person on the gift list. Shopping online for Christmas gift ideas is easy and will save a tremendous amount of time without the commute to the mall or the gas pump. is a wonderful place to shop for that perfect gift. Here, you will find very special and unique Christmas gift ideas for about $50.00 or less. You’ll not only enjoy the pleasure of shopping online, but will be amazed at the delightful assortment of exclusive Holiday gifts affordably priced to fit any budget.

Because good food always goes with the Holiday Season, why not consider gourmet food gifts for everyone on your Gift list? Gourmet Oil and Vinegar condiments are not only welcome flavors of gourmet food for any kitchen, but very healthy for you too. For the health conscious, offers a quality Gourmet Gift Set of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar which includes a uniquely hand blown glass-in-glass Grape Cruet. The Grape Cruet is a unique kitchen gift that makes quite a fantastic table presentation, perfect for Christmas, or any occasion, and may also be purchased individually. Each Grape Cruet includes air tight cork closures for freshness and quality.

Everyone loves oil and vinegar, but there is one drawback and that is the drip. If that is a concern, you may want to select the elegantly crafted matching Drizzle Cruets that do just that; “drizzle” rather than “pour” an undesirable amount over a salad or dish. The Drizzle Cruets are very lovely to hold and are specifically designed not to drip! They may also be purchased as a Gift Set with the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar if you desire. Another delightful gift idea is the elegantly designed Bread Dipping Dishes, sold as a Gift Set of 4 dishes with gourmet Bread Dipping Herbs and Spices and imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For the Balsamic Vinegar connoisseurs we suggest what is called “Simply the best Balsamic Vinegar we offer.” A superb gift idea to accompany this incredible Balsamic Vinegar, we recommend the dessert toppings of hand made Chocolate and 100% Pure Red Raspberry. For the tight budget, you may want to select the classic Glass Teapot that whistles to let you know the water is ready hot!  Visit and check out the Christmas gift ideas for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Elegant Gourmet Gift Under $50

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Housewarming Gift Ideas under $50.00

Traditionally, good wishes of friendship are brought with a housewarming gift to warm the new home or residence. Traditions have somewhat changed over the years in regards to house warming presents and with what kinds of gifts are given. The typical house warming gift mainly consisted of something practical, helpful or of necessity. When thinking of a housewarming gift, which area of the house usually comes to mind? Usually it is the kitchen. Because most people enjoy good food, gourmet Oil and Vinegar condiments are welcome flavors of gourmet food for any kitchen. But where can you find a practical house warming gift selection under $50.00 that is unique and creative? is the perfect place to shop for that ideal gift. There you’ll find a good selection of gourmet gifts for that special housewarming gift. These days, housewarming gifts range from a bottle of wine and cut flowers to gourmet oil and vinegar cruets and bread dipping dishes.

A housewarming gift should be unique and affordably priced. An accepted price range for a housewarming gift is usually a gift under $50. Practical and useful Gift Sets such as an Oil and Vinegar Gift Set which includes a glass within glass cruet and imported Italian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar meet these criteria. A sensational matching set of Drizzle Cruets to hold Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar separately for the dining table; specifically designed to not drip oil or vinegar on a fine tablecloth. How about some elegantly designed Bread Dipping Dishes which can be purchased separately as a Gift Set, or as a Gift Set including Gourmet Herb Dipping Spices, or a Gift Set combining the Herb Dipping Spices and imported Italian Olive Oil? Perhaps a simple hard-to-find Glass Teapot that cannot be found anywhere in the shopping malls? We invite you to come to and browse through our delightful assortment of gourmet gifts. See for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the variety of gift selections there are to choose from for that perfect housewarming gift. All for under $50.00!

Gift Shopping Online rather than the Mall

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Mall not a Must If Shopping Online

Holiday shopping is approaching, that time of year we both anticipate and unfortunately sometimes dread. The anticipation we welcome and embrace as family and friends gather to celebrate and delicious food and drink are set out for us to enjoy. The foreboding feeling comes from the age-old shopping dilemma. What should you get and who should you be buying for this year? Heightening the anxiety is the looming trip to the shopping mall with its hordes of shoppers and parking problems. Fortunately, the solution to what to buy and where to buy it from is much closer than the mall: it’s at the keyboard of your computer and the online array of original gift ideas. Among these is a gift which combines an activity everyone enjoys with a sense of innovation and openness to new experiences. Most everyone loves to eat good food and it can be fun to display innovative ways of preparation and presentation. has the gifts you’ve been looking for.

Here are two unique gifts which can be ordered online and sent directly to deserving friends and family. By shopping early for Christmas, when inventory is high, you’ll be assured your selections will be in stock.

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

Every pantry should contain two treasured condiments: olive oil and vinegar. This year, give the gift of a gourmet oil and vinegar set. Fill the beautiful, hand-blown crystal cruet with Imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fine balsamic vinegar and allow the exquisite flavors to enhance salads, pastas and dishes such as bread dipping sauces.

Included in the gourmet gift set are:

Exquisite crystal European hand-blown Grape Cruet
Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 fl. oz.
Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 fl. oz.

Glass Grape Cluster Design Cruet

Although beautifully hand-blown and elegant in design, this glass cruet is not delicate. The grape cruet is made by European artisans of SIMAX glass, the European equivalent of PYREX glass. It is durable and practical enough to use every day for your oil and vinegar. This popular gift item is shipped double-boxed and includes corks.

Gifts of Oil and Vinegar Appreciated All Year Long

What would the holidays be without tables laden with luscious foods and sparkling condiments? The Grape Cruet oil and vinegar decanter will not be put away after the holiday get-togethers, but brought out year-round to enhance everyday dining as well. And why shouldn’t your table be graced often with this elegant decanter hand-blown by European artisans?

Consider a fine oil and vinegar cruet for a wedding or anniversary gift, or as a gourmet surprise for a special birthday. This year, our customers have already begun raving about our exquisite new selections. In addition to an expanded selection of balsamic vinegars direct from Italy, we also offer our new matched drizzle cruet design and a handsome, custom-designed bread dipping dish gift set. A unique culinary experience for many, bread-dipping is both healthy and uniquely delicious. If you blend your own flavored oils, you may create a new favorite for the table.

Imagine the appealing presentation of a bread dipping dish designed to highlight the different hues of color in the oil. This stylish dish enhances your appetizer and draws all in with its promise of a new experience. A table set with crystal cruets and attractive dipping dishes provides an artistic focal point for the dining table. Any cook would be pleased to have such accoutrements available in their kitchen.

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Client gifts and realtor closing gift

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Subject: Grape Cruets as client and closing gifts

Question from one of our business customers.

Hello…I am a real estate agent that sells A LOT of real estate. Recently, my husband and I took a vacation for our anniversary and the restaurant we ate at had your grape cruets. I insisted that the waiter find out where I could get one for myself and he did and I order one and got it today. I LOVE it! I am thinking this would be the PERFECT closing gift for each of my clients forever. Is there ANY chance you sell them in bulk and they can be engraved with my name and phone number? Please let me know.
Thanks – Alexis

Hello Alexis,
The Grape Cruet is indeed a very popular gift item, in fact every Christmas, several companies choose it to send out to their client gift list. We do offer it wholesale to businesses. We have a wholesale minimum of 12
units. As a realtor, you can certainly purchase from us in wholesale quantities. Regarding the engraving: we do not offer engraving as the glass is a laboratory borosilicate glass of restaurant grade and durability. Any mistake with the engraving process will ruin the cruet. We sell this item to high end hotels and gift shops and they simply add their card or stamp to the white box the cruet comes in. The cruet is hand blown in Europe and is unique in nature that most people who receive them as gifts do not forget who it was who gifted it to them. 

If you plan on any type of Christmas quantity purchase, please consider doing so before Nov 10. As we get closer to Christmas the retail sales will absorb our inventory. FYI, during the rest of the year, we always have the Grape Cruet in stock.

If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to us.   888-884-3755

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Online Gift Shopping this Holiday Season

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Because of the high gas prices and consumer’s reluctance to travel, online gift shopping is going to be that way of this year’s holiday season. Unique gourmet gifts that people can use are something to think about giving your friends and family this year. Something will treasure the entire year because they will be using it on a daily or near daily basis.

Gourmet gifts such as the ones at, offer an ideal selection for the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list this season, especially those hard to buy for people. Everyone cooks, so why not give them a gourmet gift they can use year round or set on their counter as a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy all four seasons.

There are many gourmet gifts to choose from.  Gourmet oil and vinegar and beautiful hand blown cruets in the shape of tomatoes or grapes; which is a vessel inside the vessel. This cruet style keeps the oil separated from the vinegar until it’s time to pour in the same decanter.

Another gift set that will catch your eye is the Bread Dipping Gift Set. This gift set includes single serving white stoneware bread dipping dishes available in the gift basket of four, perfect for gift giving. The bread dipping dishes have a built-in swirl design so when you pour on your oil and vinegar, it runs into the grooves and makes a beautiful display. Those who love to entertain would love to have these beautiful appetizer dipping dishes. This gift set comes with flavorful gourmet bread dipping herbs and spices and imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

There are also unique dripless drizzling cruets for drizzling just the right amounts of vinegar and oil onto breads and salads. They are also hand blown by European artisans and would look lovely on any table. 

Save the gas, the parking hassel, and the time spent traveling to and from the shopping centers this year. Gourmet gift sets and unique gift ideas are only a few clicks away at this Holiday Season.

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Online Gift Shopping

Thursday, October 09th, 2008

Online Gift Shopping for every occasion

The Holidays are fast approaching, and with it comes the foreboding feeling of Christmas gift shopping. High gas prices, fighting for a parking space at crowded shopping malls, and the anxiety of not knowing what to get, all lend to the growing apprehension that comes with the holiday season. But there is a way to circumvent all of the above. Christmas gifts don’t need to be a hassle. Shopping online at your leisure may be just the answer. In fact, the chances of the gift being received in the same spirit it is given is better, because you can sit down in the quietness of your own monitor, at your convenience, and browse with your perfect beverage. So the question: what to give for a Holiday Gift that will be liked? Most people like to eat good food, and they also like innovation. offers an excellent selection of ideal Christmas gifts, which are quite appealing to most folks.

There are several Christmas gift ideas that can be purchased online, with no hassle, and even sent directly to whom the gift is intended. Of course, taking advantage of shopping early for Holiday gifts while inventory still lasts is always a benefit. The following selections we found made exceptional gifts:


Why not give a gift of Gourmet Olive oil and Vinegar? Gourmet olive oil and Balsamic vinegar are classic staples that should be in every pantry. This gift set includes a hand blown glass grape cruet which holds both oil and vinegar in the same bottle for table serving. The inner portion of the glass is an intriguing shape of a cluster of grapes designed to hold the vinegar, while the portion of glass around the grapes holds the olive oil. The set includes Imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. Quality condiments are exquisite flavors that will enhance salads, pastas, and numerous other dishes such as bread dipping sauces.

Gourmet Gift Set Includes:
– 1 bottle Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 fl oz. made by Masserrie di Sant’Eramo
– 1 bottle Italian Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 fl oz. produced by Masserrie di Sant’Eramo
– 1 Elegant European hand blown glass Grape Cruet


Beautifully hand blown by artisans in Europe, the Grape oil and vinegar glass Cruet is an exclusive gift idea. It’s very elegant with any table setting. Made of SIMAX glass, a European equivalent of PYREX, which is durable and practical for every day use. Includes cork closures. Two from the European factory plus two extras. Truly an unusual gift for the table and kitchen. 

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A gift for Mother’s Day

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. The true essence of thankfulness will bring us to the front door of mom’s house with gifts in hand, from hearts that have a sincere desire to express gratitude.

Mother’s Day gifts come in a variety of selections and styles. Most often these gifts are simple flower arrangements, chocolates and cards. Moms will never respond unkindly, but perhaps it is time to consider a gift that is a thoughtful indicator of the love and appreciation you have for your mother. A gift of considerate choosing that takes your gratitude to a level that will surprise and delight the very one who gave you life.

Our mothers spend a great deal of time in the kitchen and a unique kitchen gift or a gourmet gift of elegance and style will be remembered long after flowers fade, wither, and are finally discarded.

Imagine some time in the future; mom sits down for a cup of tea and traces her finger across the top of a Euro Glass Teapot, or a hand-blown set of oil and vinegar cruets, she received as a gift from you. She remembers special long ago moments she was certain she had forgotten. A thoughtful, daily used gift can provide a personal ongoing connection between you and your mother. Best of all – her thoughts will be toward you, not the gift.

This in no way diminishes the effectiveness of the gift; it actually enhances the overall gift giving experience. You see, a well thought out Mother’s Day gift is as much for you as it is for her; useful and appreciated – with memories attached.

When the second Sunday in May rolls around, consider a kitchen gift or a gourmet gift that conveys to your mom that you believe Mother’s Day is more than a special occasion – the day is a moment of insistence that she be held in the highest esteem. It may even be a moment when strained relationships can be mended and old offenses forgotten.

Long after the second Monday in May, our mom will settle back in her daily routine. Why not give her another reason to think of you each day. And you know, she will indeed.

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Mother’s Day Gourmet Gifts

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Mothers Day gourmet giftMother’s Day gourmet gift ideas for the gourmet kitchen. Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, so if you are shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, you may want to make a note on the calendar a week or so ahead of time. Give yourself a little extra time to shop for a unique Mother’s Day gift that will be more than just an arrangement of flowers and a card. Mother’s Day gourmet gifts are a great selection for your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law. A gourmet Mother’s Day gift can be a unique kitchen item, a helpful culinary tool, or delicious imported gourmet condiments that she can use over and over while cooking.

One unique Mother’s Day gift for the kitchen is an oil and vinegar cruet set. Non-drip drizzler sets for olive oil and balsamic vinegar are a welcome addition to any kitchen or dining table. Olive oil is known for the bothersome drip down the side of the bottle and on fine table linens. The matching pair of drizzle cruets dispense both oil and vinegar easily and without a mess. The handblown glass design offers European style with practical filling and easy drizzling of fine oils and flavored vinegars. A cruet set can be purchased along with bottles of award winning olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.

Oil and vinegar gift sets can be sent by Priority Mail in time for Mother’s Day. Cold pressed Spanish olive oil is a delightful condiment as well as a healthy alternative to nominal cooking oils, margarine, and nonstick cooking sprays. Aged Italian balsamic vinegar is a delicious taste and flavor to drizzle over meats, poultry, and fish. Gourmet balsamic vinegar is the perfect gourmet gift for Mother’s Day. It is becoming more popular to give a bottle of balsamic vinegar, rather than a bottle of red or white wine; a bottle of balsamic vinegar will last a lot longer too.

Gourmet oil and vinegar is an excellent Mother’s Day gift selection, as they are imported accoutrements that mom might not necessarily purchase on her own. Preparing dishes with balsamic vinegar will add new flavor to old recipes. With a simple wire whisk or a kitchen blender, an oil and vinegar vinaigrette can be made numerous ways, providing spice and panache to salad dressings and marinades.

If your mother loves to cook Italian cuisine, she will enjoy imported olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar to make pastas, dressings, and the homemade bread dipping sauces.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with kindness and consideration. A gourmet gift shows your appreciation and gratitude in a tasteful way. Regardless of which gift you decide to get your mother or grandmother on Mother’s Day, be sure to take time out for her on Sunday. You may consider calling her or even visiting her in person. One of the best Mother’s Day gifts of all, is hearing from family that tells her how much she is loved and thought of.

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Olive wood herb mill and grinder

Sunday, April 01st, 2007

olive wood herb millOlive wood herb mill and spice grinder. Each herb mill is hand made in France from select olive wood. The Olive wood and acrylic grinder-mill is used throughout France in the kitchen. Herb mill is sturdy enough for daily use and comes already filled with four oz. of Herbes de Provence spices. Olive wood is the most prized natural wood which gourmet utensils and cooking tools can be made from.

French made Provençal olive wood herb mill turns dried herbs into fresh and flavorful cooking spices. It grinds dried herbs to a fresh fragrant powder. By grinding to a soft powder the herb and spice’s fragrance and flavor is increased greatly. Fresh seasonings such as ground herbs and spices are preferred by chefs because of the inherent flavor they bring to every dish where they are used.

Each hand made olive wood herb mill measures about 5 inches tall and has a diameter of about 2 inches. The olive wood herb mill and the select grade dried herbs are imported from France.

Often recipes will call for Herbs de Provence to be combined with fresh sliced tomatoes, the dried herb flavors are used to create delicious, classic Provençal recipes as bouillabaisse, ratatouille, French salade niçoise, and the garlic flavored mayonnaise called “aioli.”

As a gourmet gift, the olive wood herb and spice grinder is a welcome addition to gourmet kitchens. You can easily dispense dried herbs whole by pushing on the top button, or fresh ground by a twist the top to grind.

Herbes de Provence spices, ground through a herb mill, are known for extraordinary flavor and fragrance. French gourmet recipes call for it as a common ingredient. Quality herb ingredients such as basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and savory are selected for this exceptional herb and spice mixture. Add flavor to marinade meats, poultry, fish, or vegetables. Add to stews and soups.

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Unique gifts, not just for the holidays

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Oil and Vinegar unique gifts
grape cruet
The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes food, dispensing of condiments and then even more food. The  oil and vinegar Grape Cruet decanter provides an elegant gourmet gift idea that always has a place on your table. Unlike certain holiday items, this one can be used again and again, even after the holidays. Each grape cluster is a handblown cruet by artisans in Europe.

Throughout the year we offer fine oil and vinegar cruets that may be selected as a gourmet gift  of choice for a special birthday, anniversary, or wedding gift.

This year we have added several balsamic vinegars direct from Italy, and also a new matched olive oil cruet design that has already started to recieve rave reviews from users.

Once you start using them, and display them on the table, they are very compelling to be picked up and used. As a gourmet gift, they are an excellent gift selection for any kitchen.


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