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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

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Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets Spanish Olive Oil

Tuesday, March 04th, 2014

Oil and vinegar cruet sets
When purchasing the right flavorful olive oil for your Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets, not all olive oil is the same.

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets

When the medical experts recommend a good balance of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and articles mention Spanish extra virgin olive oil to be a very good source of these fatty acids, people face many questions regarding oils, especially when purchasing Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets. They need answers as to how olive oils are produced, how they differ from fat, what are their nutritional properties, whether they increase cholesterol levels and which oils are healthier than others before using them on the table in cruet sets. Olive oil can be very healthy when used as a topping or dressing, and that is why Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets are becoming more popular on restaurant tables and now home dining tables. With the right kind of olive oil, known as Spanish extra virgin olive oil, you have found a healthy addition to cook with and add as flavoring. To store the olive oils in a proper fashion to avoid spills, and lost flavor, a glass cruet set as shown above is the perfect answer to easy storing and continual use of olive oil.

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unfortunately, the manufacturers don’t find it rewarding to invest in informative advertising. Their marketing campaigns may be accurate or inaccurate, honest or deceptive, but hardly provide sufficient information to promote informed buying decisions. In fact, marketing campaigns are not supposed to educate people and promote right buying choices. The consumers have to research about the products in order to make the right decisions for them. If you have the right information about products, it’s not difficult to get the right product. This is the reason why the Food and Drug Administration has geared up its efforts to revise labeling restrictions and other mandatory obligations for the right advertising practices. The authorities intend to curb the practice of misleading advertising, and marketing campaigns to influence the buying decision of the consumers at the psychological and subconscious level.

The manufacturers craft misleading advertisements by exploiting the general public awareness created by modern research. For example, when the World Health Organization and national governments launched the awareness campaign against the epidemic dimensions of obesity, food-processing companies quickly responded by claiming low calorie content in their food and launching a massive onslaught to victimize fat based products and gain from the psychological mindset of the customers. The ongoing research about food and nutrition has created unprecedented avenues of misleading advertisements. Some manufacturers claim low calorie or cholesterol in their products while others highlight the lack of certain substances to influence the customers by playing with their fear, emotions and ignorance. You can easily spot the highlighting labels like No Cholesterol, No Salt, Olive Oil Lite and many other manipulative statements on the products. People hardly realize that virgin olive oils don’t contain salt and simply prefer the brand with No Salt label. Similarly, all olive oils contain approximately 125 calories in one tablespoon, but the manufacturers have successfully created market imperfection by claiming their olive oil to be lighter than others.

The American public is reeling under the pressure of preventing obesity, and the companies create confusion to gain from the consumer’s cynicism. Many people don’t know that vegetable oils have always been and will remain cholesterol-free, but manufacturers find it very convenient to engage consumers by claiming Cholesterol-free vegetable oil.

How you can avoid the misleading traps created by these manufacturers? First of all, if you are looking for Spanish extra virgin olive oil, make sure to check the ingredient list which is mandatory for all packaged or bottled products, especially before you fill up your Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets with it. Obviously, you will not expect any mixture of soybean, cottonseed or other vegetable oils. There can be no justification for mixing sesame oils, flavorings and other components, which should be added by the cook while preparing the dish. The method of extraction is another very important factor to be considered while buying the Spanish extra-virgin olive oil. You have to see whether it’s refined or unrefined. The tag ‘Product of Spain’ doesn’t mean that olive oil was extracted from native plants. So, unless the labels clearly specify that the extra virgin olive oil were extracted and processed from estate grown olive trees, there are chances of imported oil from Greece or other Mediterranean countries being processed, bottled and marketed as Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

Glass Cruet Sets Olive Oil Italian Recipes

Friday, January 17th, 2014

oil and vinegar cruet sets

Capers and Oregano On Roasted Sweet Bell Peppers Italian Recipe

Yellow and red bell peppers are ideal for roasting, especially with the added flavor of capers and oregano. To make cooking with olive oil easier, glass cruet sets, also known as oil and vinegar cruet sets, will make storing and pouring olive oil so much easier. It is very convenient to pull off the cork and pour, instead of having to pour and recap the olive oil bottle.

Here is what you will need:

  • Four bell peppers of choice, red and yellow
  • One cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Two garlic cloves
  • One tablespoon packaged in salt capers
  • Two tablespoons chopped oregano
  • One half teaspoon ground sea salt

Using some of the olive oil, baste the peppers, then for ten minutes grill the peppers and remove. Let cool for another ten minutes and slice off the stem and skin. Remove the seeds and cut into one inch wide strips. Let the pepper strips dry out on paper towels for four hours. Rinse off the salt from the capers and dry off. Dice the garlic cloves, and chop the oregano. Get out two wide necked pint size canning glass jars. Use boiling hot water to fill and sterilize the pint jars. Wait another ten minutes before draining and drying with clean paper towels. Place the pepper strips in both of the jars and mix the capers, garlic, and oregano in with a sprinkle of sea salt. Let it sit for 10 minutes so that all the air bubbles rise to the surface and evaporate. Refrigerate for up to three days.

Glass Cruet Set Perfect Gift for Mom

Friday, May 29th, 2009

glass cruet set

Every year, Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in May. Mothers around the world devoted many years to their children and it only makes sense that special gifts are a wonderful way to express your sentiments for that special person, your mother.

Glass Cruet Set

Telling your mother with words how much you love her is one way to express your feelings but telling your mother with a gift is truly unique and will be remembered for years to come. Does she like to cook? Well, the perfect solution to storing cooking oils is here. A glass cruet set.

Perhaps a bouquet of flowers given to your mother is your way of expressing your love for your mother. No doubt your mother has a favorite flower she will appreciate in a well arranged bouquet. Flowers convey tenderness and beauty by a mother who will remember those flowers you had brought to her countless times when you were small. Even though they were weeds, they were pretty to you and accepted readily by your mother as the prettiest flowers in the world. After all, you wanted to give nice looking flowers to the most beautiful mother in the world.

Perhaps you live a great distance from your mother. A phone call to your mother on that special day will be well received. You mother loved you unconditionally as a child and the need to honor that love is what really counts now. Remember your mother on the second Sunday in May by selecting that special gift especially meant for her. Not only is a phone call a great idea, but there are numerous Mother Day cards that can be particularly hand picked by you.

Not only are mothers entitled to that special day but a mother-in-law is also entitled to sincere thoughtfulness on Mother’s Day. This special day can further cement your bond with your mother-in-law since she is very much a needed person in your family’s lives.

The ideal Mother’s Day gift is something that will be enjoyed and remembered with fond memories. The gift should be useful and practical as well as elegant and exquisite. Perhaps a gourmet kitchen gift or imported gourmet condiments will be gifts your mother will truly enjoy.

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets

If your mother is a tea drinkers, a hand blown glass teapot especially for her is a wonderful gift idea. If you are searching for a unique gift with a European flair, than go for the oil and vinegar cruet sets from Europe. These kitchen gifts will tell your mother that you appreciate her cooking and taste and the many memories that were created around the kitchen table.

Many gifts will be purchased online for Mother’s Day. There are many gift shops and boutique stores online. Showing your mother how important she is to you and how much you love her can be sealed with a gift meant especially for her. Even though Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in May, remember that “Mother’s Day” can be every day for your mother. She brought you into the world and made many sacrifices to make sure you received the best she could afford to give. Remember your mother and love her with all of your heart.


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