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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

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Oil and Vinegar Cruet Gift Sets

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006


Oil And Vinegar Cruet Sets

grape oil and vinegar cruet gift setThe designs of oil and vinegar cruets vary from drizzle cruets to cut crystal cruets. They can be made from many different materials. Because of the acidity in vinegar, and the delicate flavor of olive oil, glass vessels make one of the best type of cruet dispensers. One style of cruet is the glass within glass cruet. select itemThe popular oil and vinegar grape cruet is an example of such cruets. Its grape design features a grape cluster on the inside of the main vessel. Each grape cruet is beautifully hand blown by European glass craftsmen.

These oil and vinegar cruets, known as the Grape Cruet, make a very elegant statement on your dining table and will also be an interesting conversation piece over dinner. Our unique oil and vinegar cruets are extremely durable and functional. Each hand blown glass container has two separate glass compartments within it. The outer vessel holds the olive oil and separates it from the inner vessel, which holds the balsamic vinegar.

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Gift Set

The simple, yet elegant design makes it easy for pouring, serving and storing, which translates into the perfect cruet for the Oil and Vinegar Cruet Gift Set. The grape cruet is made of SIMAX glass, this is a technical grade glass similar in characteristics to that of PYREX. A grape cruet is an ideal housewarming gift or wedding shower present. This item is popular for unique gift ideas ranging from birthday gifts to housewarming presents, especially the Oil and Vinegar Cruet Gift Set. offers the Grape Cruet, as well as gourmet Spanish olive oil and Italian balsamic vinegar as a gift set. The grape cruet, and the Oil and Vinegar Gift Set, is popular for housewarming or hostess presents.

Bread Dipping Gift Set With Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Italian Bread Dipping Gift Set

bread dipping gift setThe bread dipping gift set is a unique kitchen gift that accentuates style at the table for any meal or party.

Bread dipping and Olive Oil Dipping Dish Set: Set of Four.
Comes with Italian Bread dipping Herbs and Spices.
Italian produced Masserie Extra Virgin Olive Oil included. 

Bring family and friends together to enjoy fresh baked bread dipped in Italian Olive Oil and Herbs and Spices. Enjoy a special gourmet starter before the main course, with a set of white stoneware dipping dishes and bread dipping accoutrements. Four custom designed stoneware dipping dishes provide a table setting of dip dishes that feature a spiral accent as they display gradual color variation of the olive oil. When filled with premium olive oil, the spiral designed dishes render an exquisite floral rosette which appears inside the dish. The gourmet dipping dishes also work well with steamed veggies and other oil or sauce dipping uses. An ideal accompaniment to be used with the glass Drizzle Cruets, available separately at

Dipping Dish set is American made with 5-year warranty.
Sizes: 4.5 inch, round spiral design dipping dishes

Cruets Gourmet Bread Dipping Herbs and Spices is delightful as a bread dipping snack, appetizer or starter to any meal. The beautifully made Bread Dipping Set is perfect for housewarming, hostess, and holiday gifts. At your next get-together, you and your friends will enjoy a quality gourmet gift of exceptional taste. Gourmet Gift set comes with Italian Bread Dipping Herbs and Spices, which is a blend of flavors reminiscent of old Tuscany. Spice blend consist of quality Ingredients. All natural, basil, oregano, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, and parsley. No MSG, No Trans Fats. 

Enjoy with your favorite fresh baked bread or use it in your recipes to enhance the flavors of your favorite recipes. For extra flavor, soak 1 tablespoon of spices in 2 tablespoons of water for about 10 minutes, drain and add extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

Prepare an Italian table with quality stoneware bread dipping dishes and fine imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dishes are made of bisque white porcelain for decorative serving and old world Tuscan charm. Each durable stoneware piece features artistic spiral lines for a versatile tabletop aesthetic that can be dressed up for entertaining or everyday use. The high quality bread dipping dishes make terrific gifts for those just starting out or for others who need everyday pieces that will coordinate with existing tableware. Made of fine American stoneware which has been highly fired with a shiny gloss for pleasing table appearance. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

• Durable Kitchen Stoneware
• Chip resistant Dishwasher and Microwave safe
• Made in USA
• A Exclusive gift

Bread Dipping With Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

Wednesday, January 09th, 2008

bread dipping dish

A new Bread Dipping Dish. As people become more health conscious, many are turning to the Mediterranean Diet in order to eat a healthy diet without feeling like they’re depriving themselves. A great appetizer originating from Italy, and fitting perfectly with the Mediterranean Diet is bread dipping. select item


Olive Oil Dipping Dish For Bread Dipping

Creating a bread dipping appetizer is simple. All that is required is a bread dipping dish, bread and some olive oil and vinegar. Slice or cube your chosen bread (sourdough and foccacia are great for this), and place some extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar in the bread dipping dish. Now all that’s required is to choose a piece a piece of bread and dip it into your desired condiment. Nothing could be more simple.

Our new bread dipping dish provides the perfect dish to use for bread dipping. A simple swirl on the bottom of the dipping dish becomes an artistic focal point when extra virgin olive oil is added. The swirl will appear to get darker as the dipping dish gets deeper. Made from restaurant grade white porcelain, our dipping dish is perfect for any occasion. Elegant and functional, the dipping dish is 4.5 inches wide, and is dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. Should you create your own flavored oils to use in the dipping dish, it is also microwave safe, so oil can be warmed in the microwave to disperse the flavor.

Bread Dipping Appetizer

To obtain the best quality flavor, extra virgin olive oil should be used in the olive oil dipping dish. While you may already have olive oil in your kitchen cupboard, extra virgin olive oil contains the most flavor, and lends itself perfectly to bread dipping, so it’s worth buying some extra virgin olive oil to use for this purpose. To make your own flavored oils for the dipping dish, simply add some fresh herbs and spices to the oil. Basil, lemon juice, sun dried tomato’s and black pepper all work well. Simply allow the flavors to blend for at least 15 minutes before serving. If you do need to use the oil immediately, place the dipping dish in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds. This will help the flavors to disperse so that you can serve straight away.

If you haven’t already tried it, consider making bread dipping appetizer for your next function. You’re sure to start a trend, and the bread dipping dish makes a wonderful table centerpiece, sure to gain many comments. You can be assured that this is one appetizer that will be devoured by all. Bread dipping is a healthy alternative to many other snacks, and does not have to be saved for special occasions. If the kids are hungry after school, bring out the bread dipping dish along with their favorite bread, and they’ll be satisfied in no time. If unexpected guests drop in, it’s no trouble to quickly throw together a quick platter. Slice up some bread, fill the dipping dish with extra virgin olive oil, and it’s ready to serve.

Next time you need to buy a gift, remember that the beautiful American Porcelain Bread Dipping Dish makes a wonderful present. Classy and useful, it’s suitable to give as an anniversary, birthday, engagement or wedding gift. Team it with a quality extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, or a flavored oil you’ve created yourself, and you’ve got a sure winner.


Oil and Vinegar Cruets Perfect Bottle For Table

Monday, March 30th, 2009

oil and vinegar cruets are the perfect olive oil bottles for your dining table

Oil and Vinegar Cruets

Have you ever picked up a slippery olive oil bottle and right then and wondered, which oil and vinegar cruet should I use? The old saying,  “You get what you pay for.” You just may have used an inexpensive bottle which you found at a local Dollar Store or one of those discount stores. They usually are not ornate in design and are designed just to be handy. If the spout of one of those inexpensive bottles is not made from ceramic or stainless steel, then these bottles are subject to corrosion, especially when vinegar is stored in them. It can make for a very unsightly look and your guests may hesitate in using it at the table. Instead, why not charm your guests with a professional and elegant oil and vinegar cruet? At you can find the best looking oil and vinegar cruets that don’t cost much.

Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Grape Bunch Design

Olive oil needs to be stored in a different container other than the dispensing bottle. In the grocery store, you no doubt have noticed that olive oil is purchased in dark bottles. This is to protect the oil from ultraviolet lights. All you have to do is then pour your olive oil into the cruet and cork. When you go to pour next time, you will find it so much easier!

On the table, though, you will want to use an attractive oil and vinegar cruet to store your olive oil in when dining. It would be best to pour about ten ounces of olive oil into the cruet, and then better to refill it more often as it will guarantee freshness and the delicate flavor will be preserved. You can also store another type of olive oil in the other compartment, or your vinegar.

Your finest olive oil can be presented in an oil and vinegar cruet which comes in tasteful Euro designs. Because the neck of a cruet is wide, drips are practically non-existent and the glass spouts will not corrode. The most durable glass is used to create these oil and vinegar cruets, so you are getting a cruet that will last a long time as cared for. They can be used to dispense olive oil, vinegar or even flavored syrups. Acting as funnels, these wide neck bottles will prevent the distasteful oily contact of handling bottles that are prone to drip their contents.

After all, you have planned for a very special occasion. You want everything to be just perfect, even right down to the oil and vinegar cruet that will hold your expensive extra virgin olive oil and also that will protect your olive oil from light and air. You have learned the many benefits of using olive oil in your cooking and you want to make sure your guest will also enjoy these benefits.

To save money, you had learned that not all oil and vinegar cruets are created equal and you have just found the best oil and vinegar cruet that will definitely meet your needs. No longer will your guests have to struggle with a container that drips oil. Nor a container that is visibly corroded due to having vinegar stored in it. Your meal is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience when you, the chef, have taken the time to investigate and purchase a cruet that can make the table rounds without the worry of olive oil making a mess.



A Bread Dipping Gift Set

Tuesday, November 04th, 2008

bread dipping giftCruets Gourmet Bread Dipping Gift Set includes Herbs and Spices to start a meal in style or make a delicious Italian snack memorable.
Need to find a holiday, housewarming, or hostess gift? The beautifully-crafted Bread Dipping Set is a truly unique selection which will be used over and over through the years, at get-togethers with family and friends.

This gourmet gift set delivers flavors reminiscent of old Tuscany in a blend of the Italian Bread Dipping Herbs and Spices. The quality blend of ingredients, all natural, includes garlic, sun dried tomatoes, parsley, basil and oregano, with no MSG and no trans fats. Add to favorite recipes to enhance the flavors or used as a dip for freshly-baked bread, For even more flavor, you can soak 1 tablespoon of spices in 2 tablespoons of water for about 10 minutes. Drain the water and pour in extra virgin olive oil. 

Bring old world Tuscan charm to your table with quality stoneware bread dipping dishes of bone white color. Beautifully designed with artistic spiral lines, the durable dishes are made of fine American stoneware with a pleasing appearance enhanced by a shiny gloss resulting from high firing. The simple beauty of the design means these dishes will coordinate well with existing tableware or be welcome in a new home. They are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

• Fine quality, durable kitchen stoneware
• Chip resistant and dishwasher and microwave safe
• Made exclusively in the USA
• A Exclusive gift

bread dipping gift, dipping dish, oil dipping, Italian bread dipping, oil and vinegar gift 

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Online Gift Shopping this Holiday Season

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Because of the high gas prices and consumer’s reluctance to travel, online gift shopping is going to be that way of this year’s holiday season. Unique gourmet gifts that people can use are something to think about giving your friends and family this year. Something will treasure the entire year because they will be using it on a daily or near daily basis.

Gourmet gifts such as the ones at, offer an ideal selection for the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list this season, especially those hard to buy for people. Everyone cooks, so why not give them a gourmet gift they can use year round or set on their counter as a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy all four seasons.

There are many gourmet gifts to choose from.  Gourmet oil and vinegar and beautiful hand blown cruets in the shape of tomatoes or grapes; which is a vessel inside the vessel. This cruet style keeps the oil separated from the vinegar until it’s time to pour in the same decanter.

Another gift set that will catch your eye is the Bread Dipping Gift Set. This gift set includes single serving white stoneware bread dipping dishes available in the gift basket of four, perfect for gift giving. The bread dipping dishes have a built-in swirl design so when you pour on your oil and vinegar, it runs into the grooves and makes a beautiful display. Those who love to entertain would love to have these beautiful appetizer dipping dishes. This gift set comes with flavorful gourmet bread dipping herbs and spices and imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

There are also unique dripless drizzling cruets for drizzling just the right amounts of vinegar and oil onto breads and salads. They are also hand blown by European artisans and would look lovely on any table. 

Save the gas, the parking hassel, and the time spent traveling to and from the shopping centers this year. Gourmet gift sets and unique gift ideas are only a few clicks away at this Holiday Season.

online gift shopping, unique gifts, unique holiday gifts


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Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Monday, October 06th, 2008

Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet Grape

The glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet have been adapted for the 21st century. The U.S. has been behind the curve with olive oil and vinegar but is making huge strides to get in step with the international diet trend that is thousands of years old. Cooking with olive oil to produce healthy unsaturated fat dishes for the U.S. tables in restaurants and homes has taken the nation by storm. Cooking with olive oil in the Mediterranean has caused a global spread of the use of olive oil to nations that do not even grow olives. The heart healthy olive oil is recommended for salads, pasta, meat rubs and marinades in addition to replacing other vegetable or animal oils for cooking. The oil and vinegar vessels need to be functional, such as a glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet.

Balsamic vinegar is the natural companion to olive oil that compliments the cooked or uncooked dish. Balsamic vinegar is a “wine like” product, produced with grapes, aged in oak casks, with no alcohol, and valued by the oldest age. Balsamic vinegar becomes thicker as it gets older and takes less to flavor your dish. The quality balsamic vinegar starts in an oak barrel and is stored for a minimum of 4 years, and then is distributed in glass bottles. The balsamic vinegar vessel for dispensing should always be glass to prevent a taste robbing acidic reaction with a metal container. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing for salads is the most popular use for this vinegar. Bread dipping with balsamic vinegar and olive oil is quickly over taking the popularity of dressing, but both uses are growing exponentially worldwide! Balsamic vinegar and olive oil for bread dipping are no longer “just Italian” cuisine. Fine restaurants and family tables serve this delicacy as an accoutrement to the main dish regardless of the dish’s national origin.

Vinaigrette has become very popular. The combining of oil and vinegar to make an emulsion for salads and desserts have recipe authors rushing to the printer to be published. The combining of oil and vinegar gives a different texture and taste than when used separately. Every imaginable type of oil and vinegar has been used to make vinaigrettes. The vinaigrette serving vessel or mixing bottle has perplexed servers for years; do you use two separate bottles for each function, a combo bottle or a bowl and a bottle?

Dipping dish vessels specifically for oil and vinegar are new to the U.S. But dipping dishes at the restaurant and home are becoming a must. Choosing a dipping dish that distributes both the oil and vinegar precisely as the consumer desires it can be a challenge. Some imported dipping dishes can only be used for decorative purposes due to lead paint. Bread dipping has become such a popular event at all tables that this appetizer crosses all national cuisines.

Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set

There are very few dispensers for storing gourmet olive oil and vinegar that are functional, convenient and pleasing in the table presentation. Until recently, the same type of vessels that have been used for hundreds of years, held the oil and or vinegar at the stove or on the table. Incorporating eye appeal and functionality, introduces the Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet that has astounded restaurants and homes worldwide. It becomes increasingly more popular when it comes as a pair, a glass oil and vinegar cruet set.

A new oil and vinegar Grape Cruet combines both liquids in one vessel with European design and elegant see through glass. The Vinaigrette Dressing Bottle has been designed to mix the oil and vinegar emulsion and then serve the vinaigrette from the same bottle with a drizzle spout. Dipping dishes abound, some with lead paint from outside the U.S., some with quaint reservoirs and easily chipped. has a designed a revolutionary, restaurant grade bread Dipping Dish that has eye appeal as well as being highly functional. This dipping dish has the ability to keep oil separate or blend with the vinegar. The floral image produced while filling, gives the viewer a uniquely different design with each use. These are extremely unique one of a kind quality Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet ideal for any gift occasion.

Squidoo, a place for your recipes

Wednesday, August 02nd, 2006

A unique place to post your recipes and cooking resources. They call it Squidoo

You can make your own site like this:

Oil and vinegar gateway of gourmet cooking.


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A gift idea from Stylehive

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

The Stylehive web portal is a new interactive place on the web. It’s where ‘social bookmarking’ and shopping blend together. Here you can find interesting hot products, gifts, and trends. If looking for a birthday or anniversary gift, unique items such as our Oil and Vinegar Gift Set are featured there.

The Stylehive is an e-commerce community where finding and viewing a large variety of products and shopping ideas are facilitated. It is perfect for gift shoppers and discriminating buyers.

Registering at Stylehive is pretty easy, you also have numerous advantages provided such as:

* ‘Tagging’ your best shopping products and finds for later
* Build ‘wish lists’ for yourself, friends and family members
* Follow others’ bookmarks on ‘tags’ you like, i.e. ‘Cruets’
* Try out the ‘SendTo’ tag to send your save immediately to your friends
* Promote your own products and your blog
* An interesting feature: Create very visual bookmarks by grabbing the images off the page using their Tag Suggestion tool.

The Stylehive web-community may emerge as a special place where trends start and new products are spotted. is proud to be a member and will help promote such an ingenious web asset.

stylehive, unique gifts, cruets

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Friday, June 02nd, 2006

Dining at a restaurant in Florence may not be on your agenda this year. You may not be able to splurge for a relaxed weekend at a Tuscan Bed and Breakfast. Yet there is a way to be pampered with Gourmet Tuscan food and delicacies. is a novel and innovative online resource that offers the warmth and flavor of authentic Italian cuisine with gourmet flair. has a delicious assortment of Tuscan Food Gifts that literally serve as memorable ’gift occasion’ dining experiences. For a special gift, an easy to prepare, elegant gourmet meal for two would be an ideal choice, especially when you can shop online from a stellar gourmet menu.

Consider an Italian favorite:Tuscan, four course Gourmet meal $79.99Italian gourmet
Artisan Home Style Bread (You select Select One) Romano Swiss & Parsley Round – Romano & nutty-flavored Swiss round topped with parsley
Italian Herb Sourdough Boule – Sourdough boule sprinkled with rosemary, oregano & sage

Italian Robust Soups (You Select Two)
Italian Wedding Soup – Tiny beef and sausage meatballs with acini pepi in light broth
Tomato Florentine Soup – Miniature shell pasta & leaf spinach accent the tomato base

Dinner Entrees – Served With Broccoli Gratin (You Select Two) Chicken Saltimboca With Peppercorn Cream Sauce – Oversized lean chicken breast stuffed with Prosciutto ham & topped with peppercorn cream sauce
Seared Salmon Tuscan Style With Creamy Sundried Tomato Sauce – Succulent seared salmon sauced with a creamy mixture of sundried tomatoes & minced garlic
Chicken Mediterranean With Fired Roasted Pepper Sauce – Chicken breast filled with couscous, Mediterranean vegetables & asiago cheese
Three Cheese Tortellini & Sundried Tomato Alfredo Sauce – Hat-shaped pasta filled with asiago, Romano & ricotta cheeses and topped with sundried tomatoes

Dessert (You Select One) Cappuccino Cheesecake (2 slices) – Thick layer of chocolate mousse flavored with cappuccino in graham cracker crust
Cappuccino “Bake Your Own” Cookies (4 cookies) – Cappuccino flavored cookies with semi-sweet chocolate chunks

Tea and Candy, or Coffee (You Select One) Regular St. Ives European Blend (makes a full pot)
Decaffeinated St. Ives European Blend (makes a full pot)
Numi Earl Gray Tea (2 tea bags)

Another GourmetStation Tuscan selection is the three course Gourmet meal at only $69.99.Tuscan gourmet

Compared to fine dining, pricing is very affordable, and a delivery charge does apply. There is no question you or your gift recipient will be delighted with either the three or four course Authentic Tuscan gourmet meals – think of it as a true Tuscan experience without jet-lag or losing your bag.

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