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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

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The Perfect Olive Oil Bottle For The Table

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Have you ever picked up a slippery olive oil bottle and right then and there wondered, which olive oil bottle should you use? The old saying,  “You get what you pay for.” You just may have used an inexpensive bottle which you found at a local Dollar Store or one of those discount stores. They usually are not ornate in design and are designed just to be handy. If the spout of one of those inexpensive bottles is not made from ceramic or stainless steel, then these bottles are subject to corrosion, especially when vinegar is stored in them. It can make for a very unsightly look and your guests may hesitate in using your olive oil cruet at the table.

Olive oil needs to be stored in a different container other than the dispensing bottle. In the grocery store, you no doubt have noticed that olive oil is purchased in dark bottles. This is to protect the oil from ultraviolet lights and cork or reusable caps are used to seal the bottle once it has been opened.

On the table, though, you will want to use an attractive bottle to be used on your food plates. Use a decanting olive oil bottle that is durable and practical. Don’t use this bottle to store remaining olive oil in the cupboards. It would be best to pour about eight ounces of olive oil into the table bottle. Better to refill it more often as it will guarantee freshness and the delicate flavor will be preserved.

Your finest olive oil can be presented in a drizzle cruet which comes in tasteful Euro designs. Because the neck of a drizzle cruet is wide, drips are practically non-existent and the glass spouts will not corrode. The most durable glass is used to create these olive oil bottles which come in two pieces. They can be used to dispense olive oil, vinegar or even flavored syrups. Acting as funnels, these wide neck bottles will prevent the distasteful oily contact of handling bottles that are prone to drip their contents. has the right olive oil cruet that will last for years to come

After all, you have planned for a very special occasion. You want everything to be just perfect, even right down to the purchased bottle that will hold the expensive extra virgin olive oil and a bottle that will protect the oil from light and air. You have learned the many benefits of using olive oil in your cooking and you want to make sure your guest will also enjoy these benefits.

To save money, you had learned that not all olive oil bottles are created equal and you have managed to find a drizzle cruet that will meet your needs. No longer will your guests have to struggle with a container that drips oil. Nor a container that is visibly corroded due to having vinegar stored in it. Your meal is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience when you, the chef, have taken the time to investigate and purchase a drizzle cruet that can make the table rounds without the worry of olive oil being used on anything else other than what it was intended.



The Right Vinegar and Oil Bottle

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The use of extra virgin olive oil is a world wide condiment and using the right oil and vinegar bottle is very important. This international diet trend is making headway in the United States. Extra virgin olive oil is a very healthy unsaturated fat recognized to be heart healthy. While the Mediterranean area is the focal point when it comes to growing olives, the use of olive oil is seen even in areas which do not grow olives. Olive oil is used in all kinds of culinary dishes and has replaced other vegetable or animal oils for cooking. Salads are livened up with extra virgin olive oil is sprinkled throughout. Many have also included balsamic vinegar in addition to the extra virgin olive oil to their tossed salads.

Containers and cruets for olive oil and vinegar need to be well-designed. There are few bottles used for oil and vinegar that are convenient in a table setting. Because oil and vinegar cruets come in a pair, being able to design bottles that eliminate drips is what you will need to be on the look out for and purchase. There is a new European design that holds both oil and vinegar in an elegant see through glass. It has been designed to mix the oil and vinegar and then served as vinaigrette from the same bottle with a drizzle spout. Mixing extra virgin olive oil and vinegar produces a different consistency and taste than when eaten separately. Vinaigrette is increasing in popularity. Prior to the main course of any meal, using a soft bread and dipping into a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and a vinaigrette is a wonderful and healthy appetizer. Especially is this common in restaurants with an Italian flair. Your appetite is awakened in preparation of the main course as you anticipate  the same thoughtfulness that went into using the right vinegar and oil container for this special meal.

Uniquely designed dipping dishes are used, although outside of the United States some may be made with lead paint which is a hazard to your health. Jincor designed a restaurant grade bread Dipping Dish that has great eye appeal and is very functional. This is the same company that designed the no drip Drizzle Cruets. The oil and vinegar are kept separate or they can be combined for a unique flavor. While this special container is being filled, a floral image is seen; a different design is noted with each use. It definitely is a one of a kind kitchen container and can be given as an extraordinary personal gift to anyone special in your life. Dipping dishes are not very common in the United States. A dipping dish that distributes the oil and vinegar according to the consumer’s wishes can indeed be very challenging. Dipping bread has become increasingly popular at most international restaurants and personal homes. With a dipping dish that caters to the customers or house guests taste buds, the meal is sure to be an instant success and of course memories of any special event will not be soon forgotten. 

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Olive Oil Bottle

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

An olive oil bottle for the table and kitchen is a very practical purchase. Olive oil is very healthy for your heart and it is very flavorful, especially when using extra virgin olive oil. Of course, the cost of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is rather steep, but the taste outweighs out of pocket expenses. That is why it is so important to buy a vessel that will not waste a drop of the precious olive oil when serving it at the table or using it when cooking. When the recipe you are using calls for a “drizzle” of extra virgin olive oil, it means a very small stream of oil will need to be poured out rather hastily.

Olive oil drizzlers should be created with an elegant looking, practical and useful design. A bottle that has oil dripping down the side will make any guest reluctant to hold it let alone use it during a meal. Purchased olive oil from the store in a dark bottle does not add to the ambiance of a successful meal. An excellent olive oil decanter saves drips and spills and that translates into wasted money that had been spent on the cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

There are numerous designs and popular decorative bottles which feature gourmet or Tuscan scenes on the bottles. Bottles made in China will have labeled silk screen to appear hand painted. If the bottle pour spouts are made from any other material other than glass or stainless steel, they will corrode when vinegar is added to the bottle. Most chefs prefer bottles made from glass so that the contents of the bottle can be seen.

Inexpensive olive oil bottles can be bought at retail stores and grocery stores and they come with a rubber and chromed spout. Unfortunately, though, these bottles tend to tip over easily and drip oil down the sides. You get what you pay for. For storage, olive oil needs to be stored in a dark, air tight bottle. This will protect the precious oil from ultraviolet lights. Cork stoppers are provided to seal the bottle once it is opened.

Bottles purchased at the store are not ideal for dispensing olive oil at a dinner table. An ideal bottle should also serve as a drizzle server. Purchasing a hand made drizzle cruet will provide the right amount of extra virgin olive oil while preparing a meal or enjoying one at the table. These olive oil bottles come in two pieces and can drizzle either vinegar, olive oil or flavored syrups. The neck is wide, thus preventing drip and have non-corrosive glass spouts that are hygienic in appearance. This wide neck allows the filling of these bottles made easy as they act as a built in funnel.

When purchasing drizzle cruets for the table, show off your finest extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Neither will drip on the table or on your guests when being used. A special time requires special dinnerware that will include the appropriate drizzle cruets. 

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Olive Oil Bottles Are Oil And Vinegar Cruets

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Olive Oil Bottles

Finding drip free olive oil bottles and cruets can be a difficult task.  After continual use, the sides of an olive oil bottle can become rather slippery, when trying to pour. This often occurs with the cheaper store bought olive oil bottles. These olive oil bottles often have a rubber or chromed metal spout, which can make pouring messy. Eventually the poorly made spouts will become corroded by the vinegar and be very distasteful for using at the dinner table. An olive oil bottle spout should be made from stainless steel, ceramic, or glass material to remain hygienic and easy to clean.

You will want to dispense the olive oil you use differently than you store it. If olive oil is stored in clear, large, type bottles it will be less likely to be protected from air and light. Most olive oils are stored in a colored or dark bottle to protect it from any ultraviolet light. The bottles also have a re-sealable cap or cork to try to keep the oil fresh after opening. Inexpensive olive oil bottles are not tasteful to use on the table when serving guests. A decanting olive oil bottle or drizzle cruet is usually recommended for everyday use at the dinner table. These hold about 6 to 8 ounces. The olive oil will stay fresh longer, but will require refilling more often.

The ideal olive oil bottle has two features which allow it to be used as a drizzle cruet and decanter. These serving bottles have a glass spout that will not corrode, and a large flared neck that will curb the annoying drips that occur with the cheaper store bought bottles.

Handmade glass cruets for olive oil and balsamic vinegar show off the artistic Euro design and are practical as well. Each cruet bottle is made of two piece borosilicate glass and is designed to dispense oils and vinegars in a distinct even flow. The flared neck of the bottles are especially useful as a built in funnel when it comes to refilling. The drip less feature of these olive oil bottles help prevent the slippery or sticky touch that always seems to accompany dispensing olive oil or vinegar.

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Simple Instructions for Cleaning Glass Cruets

Friday, November 21st, 2008

How to keep your Glass Cruet sparkling clean all the time.

As a rule of thumb, clean the oil and vinegar cruets as often as you empty them. Leaving oil and vinegar inside the cruets for a long extended length of time is not recommended. Residue will build up and the cruets may be difficult to clean.

The Cruets are very easy to clean. For best results, we recommend cleaning the Cruets by hand with a Gel Dishwasher Detergent. We found “Palmolive Gel Dishwasher Detergent” to be outstanding. If there are several different Palmolive Dishwasher Gels to choose from, be sure to select one that says “sparkling shine” and “no powder residue” if possible. We recommend the “Baking Soda Fresh Scent.” After cleaning the grape cruet, it will  have condensation on the inside because it is a “glass within glass” double vessel. It is easy to dry the cruet in a heated oven, (and perfectly safe) because the glass cruets are made from a special Simax glass, similiar to Pyrex, which can withstand high temps without breaking. FYI, Simax glass is a borosilicate glass, which is also used to make laboratory glassware.

Clean the Glass Cruets as follows:

1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves.
2. Empty Cruet and rinse well, shaking the Cruet with very warm to hot tap water.
3. Place the empty Cruet in the sink.
4. Pour small amount of Palmolive Gel Dishwasher Detergent in Cruet (2–3 Tablespoons)
5. Then add very warm to hot tap water to fill the Cruet about 1/2 full.
6. Cover Cruet spout opening/openings with fingers.
7. Gently shake Cruet to mix Palmolive Gel and water.
8. Then slowly add enough warm to hot tap water to completely fill the Cruet.
9. Set the filled Cruet in the sink, and let it soak for about 5 minutes.
10. Shake soapy mixture well.
11. Rinse several times, very well.
12. Carefully set Cruet upside down on a clean dish cloth to remove any excess water.
13. Preheat Oven to 325 degrees.
14. Place Cruet on oven pan right side up. Place in oven for 20 min. to dry.
15. Using an oven mitt, carefully remove pan with Cruet from oven.
16. Let it cool for about 15-20 minutes.
17. Refill Cruet.

Note: For the drizzle cruets, we recommend hand washing the spouts after each use, this will keep them looking pristine for the next table presentation.

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