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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

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Oil And Vinegar Cruet Gift Set

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Oil And Vinegar Cruet Set

oil and vinegar cruet gourmet gift setOil and Vinegar Cruet Gourmet Gift Set.

Choose to send this gift item by USPS Priority Mail. This oil and vinegar cruet gourmet set makes a perfect gift selection for any occasion. It is popular for Mother’s Day, housewarming and birthday gifts.

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Oil And Vinegar Cruet Grape

The Gourmet Gift set comes with Italian cold pressed olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy. Cold pressed gourmet olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar add a healthy flourish to salads, pastas, and Italian cuisine. It also comes with the number one item no kitchen or dining table should ever be without, a unique oil and vinegar cruet.

Perfect pantry additions for every cook.

Includes with the gift set:

  • Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Virgin Olive Oil 8.5 fl oz.
  • Italian Masserrie di Sant’Eramo Balsamic Vinegar 8.5 fl oz.
  • An exquisite crystal European hand blown Grape design Oil And Vinegar Cruet

Give a holiday gift of a gourmet oil and vinegar. Imported Italian gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil and aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. The glass oil and vinegar cruet is included in the gourmet gift set with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Cruet Drizzler Set

Monday, April 30th, 2007

cruet set drizzlersCruet Set Drizzlers

Glass Oil and Vinegar Drizzler Set.

Hand blown glass oil and vinegar cruets from Europe. Drip free cruets are made for easy and consistent oil and vinegar drizzling over any dish.

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Ideal for serving oil and vinegar for bread dipping. Drizzle gourmet olive oil and flavored vinegar over green salads, tossed pasta, grilled vegetables, fresh greens, and roasted meats. Drizzle cooking oil or vinegar while cooking and serving. Drizzle red raspberry wine vinegar or cold pressed gourmet olive oil, these drizzle cruets dispense with fine condiments with perfection.

A cruet set is a great selection, the unique gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas gifts.

Each drizzle cruet holds 6 oz. Glass cruets are dishwasher safe.

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Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets Online Gift Shopping

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

oil and vinegar cruet sets

Online Gift Shopping the Holidays and more

Online gift shopping; when you want to find that “just right” gift for someone special. After thumbing through a few catalogues and browsing through numerous stores, you have pretty much made up your mind that online shopping is the way to go. This time it is an anniversary gift you are hunting for and not just any anniversary gift. You are of the mind that a glass gift will be just perfect, but not any glass gift. Anniversary is special. It occurs one time a year. You don’t want to just buy anything for just anybody. This person is very special to you. And this is a well thought out plan and you want to make sure that special somebody will cherish it as well as the feelings that go with it. Sometimes it is the unspoken word with a gift that tells all.

There are many online specialty stores. And they provide many unique anniversary gift ideas. This is not an ordinary anniversary gift that you are looking for. It is to be a very special gift, a gift from the heart.

There are many reasons to shop for an anniversary gift. Perhaps it is the day of your wedding, the day you announced you were going to have a baby, the day someone special in your life passed away or the day your child first learned a special word. It doesn’t matter what event happened on what day. It matters that it was very special to you and the person who is to receive your gift. Such anniversary gifts provide a sense of caring and the gift needs to be one that will be around for many years as will as one that brings back a flood of delightful memories.

Perhaps a kitchen gift that represents the special person’s unique talents is suitable. There are so many online specialty stores, that you are bound to buy something that will “say it all.” Not only is the gift hand selected, it will be delivered already complete for that special day.

Shopping online saves a trip to town, the dealing with increased traffic, the lack of parking spaces and, at times, poor customer service. With online shopping, there is no traffic, no need to park the car and customer service is always above board. At the check out line, you are always first.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly a popular way to purchase anything you want. You can do it from the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to get dressed. You don’t have to rub shoulders with shopping mall crowds. Online shopping is a time saver in all respects. You can browse as long as you want at an online store and pick out that perfect gift for that special someone. After all, you will want to pick something that represents memories which were created and enjoyed together. Only you can do that and do it with all the love in your heart. Happy Anniversary.

online gift shopping, holiday gifts 


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Gourmet Fathers Day Gifts With Oil And Vinegar Cruets

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Gourmet Fathers Day Gifts With Oil And Vinegar Cruets

Fathers Day Gifts that are elegant, high quality, and affordable such as these oil and vinegar cruets can be conveniently found online for that special Father’s Day gift. You’ll find the finest, hand blown European glass, at very affordable prices. From oil lamps to practical glass teapots durable for everyday use.

Our most popular glass oil and vinegar cruet, the grape cruet is by far our best seller, consisting of a cluster of grapes inside of glass. Just for Dad, we highly recommend our tall bottle of exquisite Balsamic Vinegar which we call, Simply the best aged Balsamic Vinegar. If you’re looking for a special gift set for Dad, we strongly suggest our Gourmet Gift Set made up of Italian Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, and our best selling glass Grape Cruet. If you want to be creative about putting together your own Gift Set for Dad, may we suggest our 2 square bottles of Balsamic Oil and Vinegar with a pair of elegantly designed glass Drizzle Cruets to hold his fine Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil in for the table.

These also make excellent year round gifts which are ideal and practical for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary’s, Housewarming, Christmas, or just to say Thank You. Please take a moment to browse through our website at Our friendly customer service staff is available for you to help answer any questions, or for placing your order by telephone. Come visit us and surprise Dad this Father’s Day with a lovely gift he will certainly enjoy!


Glass Cruet Set Perfect Gift for Mom

Friday, May 29th, 2009

glass cruet set

Every year, Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in May. Mothers around the world devoted many years to their children and it only makes sense that special gifts are a wonderful way to express your sentiments for that special person, your mother.

Glass Cruet Set

Telling your mother with words how much you love her is one way to express your feelings but telling your mother with a gift is truly unique and will be remembered for years to come. Does she like to cook? Well, the perfect solution to storing cooking oils is here. A glass cruet set.

Perhaps a bouquet of flowers given to your mother is your way of expressing your love for your mother. No doubt your mother has a favorite flower she will appreciate in a well arranged bouquet. Flowers convey tenderness and beauty by a mother who will remember those flowers you had brought to her countless times when you were small. Even though they were weeds, they were pretty to you and accepted readily by your mother as the prettiest flowers in the world. After all, you wanted to give nice looking flowers to the most beautiful mother in the world.

Perhaps you live a great distance from your mother. A phone call to your mother on that special day will be well received. You mother loved you unconditionally as a child and the need to honor that love is what really counts now. Remember your mother on the second Sunday in May by selecting that special gift especially meant for her. Not only is a phone call a great idea, but there are numerous Mother Day cards that can be particularly hand picked by you.

Not only are mothers entitled to that special day but a mother-in-law is also entitled to sincere thoughtfulness on Mother’s Day. This special day can further cement your bond with your mother-in-law since she is very much a needed person in your family’s lives.

The ideal Mother’s Day gift is something that will be enjoyed and remembered with fond memories. The gift should be useful and practical as well as elegant and exquisite. Perhaps a gourmet kitchen gift or imported gourmet condiments will be gifts your mother will truly enjoy.

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets

If your mother is a tea drinkers, a hand blown glass teapot especially for her is a wonderful gift idea. If you are searching for a unique gift with a European flair, than go for the oil and vinegar cruet sets from Europe. These kitchen gifts will tell your mother that you appreciate her cooking and taste and the many memories that were created around the kitchen table.

Many gifts will be purchased online for Mother’s Day. There are many gift shops and boutique stores online. Showing your mother how important she is to you and how much you love her can be sealed with a gift meant especially for her. Even though Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in May, remember that “Mother’s Day” can be every day for your mother. She brought you into the world and made many sacrifices to make sure you received the best she could afford to give. Remember your mother and love her with all of your heart.


Bread Dipping Dish

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Bread Dipping Dish the Unique Gift

Bread dipping using a bread dipping dish has been around for many years. At one time, you only saw it being done in Italian restaurants since the traditional meal includes bread dipping. Now private homes enjoy this wonderful entrée to a meal. Dipping freshly baked bread into extra virgin olive oil that has been mixed with herbs and spices is a perfect excuse to invite friends to a social gathering.

Bread dips have many uses. Your dipping sauce can be added to pastas, salads and different meats. Extra virgin olive is the base ingredient and with vinegar, the mixture will be reflected in taste and appearance. You will want to use bread that is suitable. Italian Foccacia, Ciabatta, French baguette or sourdough work very well, dipping into a bread dipping dish.

Before your guests arrive, arrange the sliced bread in an attractive manner. When everyone has seated themselves at the table, provide your guests with flavored dipping sauce. Adding oil dressed with swirls of balsamic vinegar is eye catching and will add to this unique evening.

Bread dipping dishes make unique gifts for any occasion. This gift easily blends into any kitchen décor. Because the bread dipping dish is made of chip resistant porcelain, it is dish washer safe as well as microwave safe. A visual display of color funnels into the dish when filled with extra virgin olive oil. Olive green tints appear, providing a work of art that captivates the eye, when the olive oil is added. A lovely floral rose appears within the dipping dish. When Italian balsamic vinegar is added, the oil and vinegar separate and the vinegar settles to the bottom of the olive oil in the dipping dish.

The next time you are at a loss as to what to prepare for your guests, think Italian. Fresh, warm bread is all you will need to begin a meal. As an entrée, it is quite easy to carry on delightful conversation as your guests enjoy something totally new to them. You can be the first on the block to start a new fad and it hardly costs you anything.

Bread dipping is very common in Italy and at one time, only restaurants offered this entree to their customers. It is a very healthy way to enjoy a meal and now many homes have savvy hostesses who display their prized extra virgin olive oil in bread dipping dishes with the aroma of freshly baked bread permeating throughout the house. Coupled with a pasta dish and tossed salad, this meal time definitely will be remembered for a very long time. There is no reason to stand over a stove for hours on end when all it takes is a dipping dish, extra virgin olive oil and different breads.

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy fat and can be enjoyed without feeling any guilt. Even the American Heart Association states that fat is not the cause of serious illnesses, only saturated fat. Now you have no reason not to dip your favorite bread in warmed extra virgin olive oil served in an attractive bread dipping dish.

bread dipping dish, olive oil

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Oil and Vinegar Cruet Glass

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

oil and vinegar cruet glass

Oil and Vinegar Cruet Grape

Now that you have discovered the health benefits of olive oil, why not buy a unique gift to showcase this healthy oil, such as the oil and vinegar cruet? Olive oil is used to add flavoring to favorite dishes. Combined with vinegar, a meal seems to taste much better. The answer for a perfect gift is no other than an oil and vinegar cruet.

Olive oil and vinegar cruets doles out the right amount of flavoring when used on salads or favorite pasta dishes. It is very important not to drown your meals with olive oil and vinegar, especially as meticulous chefs realize the need for the exact measure.

Oil And Vinegar Cruet Sets

The grape shaped oil and vinegar cruets are made of durable borosilicate glass and holds six ounces. They can also be purchased in sets. They will not corrode when vinegar is stored in them and they are safe to clean in a dishwasher. Glass spouts fit into the flared neck, thereby eliminating messy drips that happens along the side of a regular olive oil cruet found elsewhere than on

An attractive oil and vinegar cruet set can be left on the table as a unique centerpiece. It is readily handy to use with any meal. It is also a wonderful gift used to dispense olive oil, vinegar or flavored syrups. It can also help make it easier by storing any cooking oil you use frequently, even vinaigrette dressings and salad dressings on the table.

Euro designed oil and vinegar cruets are are professional hand blown glass. Because it is made of Simax glass, the oil and vinegar cruets are durable and practical and can be compared to Pyrex. It is made of glass, therefore no metallic corrosion is noted when vinegar is stored in them. Due to the flared neck in which a pour spout is inserted, no oil drips along the side of the cruet. The flared neck also can be used as a funnel to pour olive oil and vinegar into the glass cruets.

Chefs prefer glass oil and vinegar cruets because the content of the bottle is easily seen and it is much easier to handle being lightweight. A high class oil and vinegar cruet will store extra virgin olive oil in a dependable and attractive container that can be used by your guests during many entertaining meals.

Oil And Vinegar Cruet Glass

Another unique gift idea is a grape cruet which is a glass within a glass cruet. The design is of a grape cluster on the inside of the main cruet. Each grape cruet is hand blown by A European glass craftsman. It is easy for pouring, serving and storing and is made of Simax glass. A grape drizzle cruet is ideal for a housewarming gift or any special occasion.

 Need a unique gift for a friend who has invited you over for a special evening meal? Then think of purchasing an oil and vinegar cruet. Your friend will be pleased and the mellow taste of extra virgin olive oil with a spray of vinegar drizzled on your salad will compliment any main course that has been planned. Your hostess will appreciate your practical gift that will last for many years and no doubt will create fond memories. 



Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet Sets

Because of the acidity and corrosive nature of vinegar, wanting to find the ideal vinegar cruet sets should be given due consideration. Vinegar should be stored in containers made out of glass, ceramic or stainless steel. A cork or stopper made from a non-corrosive material that won’t break down will also need to be an addition. You do not have to worry about the corrosive nature of olive oil as it is a non-acidic food.

It makes sense that cruet sets made from copper, aluminum or chrome finishers should not be used. They may look good but the inside finish will be dissolved in the contents of the bottle due to the acidity of the vinegar. This can and in most cases does endanger the health of anyone using these containers. Inexpensive stoppers or spouts that have come from China should not be used. The quality is not there and when preparing an ideal dinner party, the last thing you want to be concerned about is anything purchased with a “Made in China” label.

A hand blown glass cruet set that is similar to Pyrex and is very strong and long lasting. Any product made from glass is non-corrosive and the glass spouts and containers are easily cleaned with soap and hot water. A glass cruet set is a two piece cruet. Each cruet has a flared receptacle which integrates a glass spout that will catch any olive oil or vinegar drip after using it. The flared neck also serves as a funnel for filling the cruet. Six fluid ounces is contained in the drizzle cruet and this drizzle method is ideal for using extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar needed for cooking.

If you are in need of a unique gift, then consider oil and vinegar cruet sets for cooking and serving. You know you need to adopt a healthier eating habit and also wish that for your guests. The Mediterranean diet includes the use of extra virgin olive oil to add to the tossed salads, the entrees or to the main meals. By providing a drizzle of oil and vinegar, you can provide a delightful addition to your meals. If you consider yourself a gourmet chef, by measuring out the right quantity of olive oil and vinegar, your entrée and main meal will no doubt create pleasant social memories.

When you purchase a matching set of drizzler cruets, you can display these elegant containers that will grace any table or kitchen. No drip will be noted, thereby no oily containers on the outside and no slippery fingers. These oil and vinegar drizzlers are made of two piece glass composition which will not corrode, especially with the use of vinegar.

When using glass oil and vinegar cruet sets, they can remain on the table for any meal. Not only can you use extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but you can use flavored syrups in these glass cruet sets. These gift ideas are unique and any host or hostess will enjoy a successful social gathering at any meal time that will provide long lasting memories.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Saturday, November 01st, 2008

Christmas Gift ideas, with class, yet affordable. 

Each year the holiday season brings the familiar question, ‘where do we look for Christmas gift ideas?’ Taste and personal preference matter, as well as the budget, so a good selection of holiday gift ideas must be affordably priced to suit every person on the gift list. Shopping online for Christmas gift ideas is easy and will save a tremendous amount of time without the commute to the mall or the gas pump. is a wonderful place to shop for that perfect gift. Here, you will find very special and unique Christmas gift ideas for about $50.00 or less. You’ll not only enjoy the pleasure of shopping online, but will be amazed at the delightful assortment of exclusive Holiday gifts affordably priced to fit any budget.

Because good food always goes with the Holiday Season, why not consider gourmet food gifts for everyone on your Gift list? Gourmet Oil and Vinegar condiments are not only welcome flavors of gourmet food for any kitchen, but very healthy for you too. For the health conscious, offers a quality Gourmet Gift Set of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar which includes a uniquely hand blown glass-in-glass Grape Cruet. The Grape Cruet is a unique kitchen gift that makes quite a fantastic table presentation, perfect for Christmas, or any occasion, and may also be purchased individually. Each Grape Cruet includes air tight cork closures for freshness and quality.

Everyone loves oil and vinegar, but there is one drawback and that is the drip. If that is a concern, you may want to select the elegantly crafted matching Drizzle Cruets that do just that; “drizzle” rather than “pour” an undesirable amount over a salad or dish. The Drizzle Cruets are very lovely to hold and are specifically designed not to drip! They may also be purchased as a Gift Set with the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar if you desire. Another delightful gift idea is the elegantly designed Bread Dipping Dishes, sold as a Gift Set of 4 dishes with gourmet Bread Dipping Herbs and Spices and imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For the Balsamic Vinegar connoisseurs we suggest what is called “Simply the best Balsamic Vinegar we offer.” A superb gift idea to accompany this incredible Balsamic Vinegar, we recommend the dessert toppings of hand made Chocolate and 100% Pure Red Raspberry. For the tight budget, you may want to select the classic Glass Teapot that whistles to let you know the water is ready hot!  Visit and check out the Christmas gift ideas for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Bread Dipping Kit, a Gourmet Gift

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

bread dipping kitBread dipping kit, a gourmet Italian gift

The bread dipping kit is a popular Italian gift for all occasions. A bread dipping appetizer brings the estate Tuscan cuisine to any table. This gourmet food gift includes imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, fine quality stoneware dipping dishes and a premium blend of bread dipping seasoning. All that is required with the bread dipping kit, is a fresh baked loaf of bread which you can pick up at a local supermarket or bake shop. A French baguette or Italian bread loaf works well when sliced and served with extra virgin dipping oil drizzled over the Italian blend of bread dipping herbs and spices.

Each bread dipping kit comes with a bread dipping oil recipe. The Cruets Gourmet dipping herbs and spices is a blend of oregano, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, parsley, and fragrant basil. In just a few minutes you can hydrate the dipping herbs with water, drain, then drizzle oil over until covered. Stir mixture and add additional olive oil and serve with fresh bread.

Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil is the best quality olive oil you can buy. Italian Masserie Olive Oil, which was selected for this bread dipping gift set, has a wonderful light flavor that is excellent for making dipping sauces and dipping oils where you do not want the olive oil taste to dominate the herbs and spices flavors.

A bread dipping appetizer using quality extra virgin olive oil, is a tasteful and healthy addition to any meal. The health benefits ascribed to the Mediterranean Diet is a plus to the gourmet cuisine that is so popular.

bread dipping kit, oil dipping, dipping dish, bread dipping 

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