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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Cut crystal, anniversary gift set

Thomas Edison is most famous for bringing the world the incandescent light bulb and the phonograph. However, more than anything Edison was a master of improvising. He often took existing devices and improved them.

Edison had a predecessor in experimentation. While these two men were raised in different countries and in different centuries, there was the heart of the Tinker in Englishman, George Ravenscroft as well. George was an accomplished glassmaker and it was in moments of experimentation that he discovered that by adding led oxide to the glass making process a uniquely different substance was created. This new substance looked like glass but was easier to cut. It refracted light in such a way as to present brilliance similar to that of a diamond.

His Discovery Led to a new glass industry

That 17th century discovery is a much sought after home décor item today. Cut crystal has long been a family craft in Bohemia. Czechoslovakian glass is considered heirloom quality today. With the fall of communism in the late 1980’s the state run glass making facilities moved to privatization. That change to a more capitalistic structure increased the world supply of quality Czech cut-crystal.

What once was a gift for royalty was finally available to the ’everyman’. Interestingly, the appeal of cut-crystal has not diminished. Many collectors are nearly fanatic about the acquisition of cut crystal. These pieces of glass have proven immensely popular as an anniversary gift. One example would be a oil and vinegar cut crystal cruet set.

A growing trend in cut crystal is to present a unique hand crafted gift especially on a couple’s 25th anniversary. While silver remains a popular gift, cut crystal is become an increasingly common, yet entirely desirable choice.

Glass Gifts for the Kitchen

Cut crystal is an exquisite glass gift for the kitchen, although other glass gift items are also well received. For instance, imported olive oil and vinegar cruets are useful in preparing Italian cuisine while remaining highly decorative. Glass in glass decanters also lends an air of European sophistication and style to any home.

Cut Crystal in the 21st Century

Today machines are the primary means of manufacturing cut crystal, providing clean lines and uniform clarity. However, hand crafted cut crystal remains a prized acquisition.

Care for Cut Crystal

Due to the increased softness of cut crystal it is easier to scratch the surface. Care should be taken to store pieces in a way that reduces the ability of the cut crystal to come in contact with other pieces to avoid scratching.

Warm water should be used to clean the cut crystal – never hot water. Use detergent lightly and never place cut crystal in the dishwasher. You should gently dry following cleaning to optimize the visual clarity of the cut crystal.

Choosing an Anniversary Gift

It doesn’t matter if your purchase is for a first or 25th anniversary, cut crystal remains an elegant gift that will be proudly displayed. Many couples have been known to purchase a crafted piece of cut crystal to celebrate their own anniversary. Purchasing your unique cut crystal piece for an anniversary gift may be best accomplished in a reputable online store. You are likely to find a greater range of choices and those gifts can be delivered directly to the recipient.

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