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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Diet principles help in the prevention of cancer

Diet principles help been determined to help in the prevention of cancer and other health related issues.

According to health professionals there are three contributing problems of the Western diet that causes health concerns, and also may lead to cancer:

…Fat, too much of it
…Consume too much refined flour products
…Not enough anti-carcinogenics in the diet.


1. Too much fat. We eat too much fats, such as Omega 6 fatty acids and trans-fatty acids, and not enough Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega-6-fatty acids are found in fatty foods, margarine, and most importantly, sunflower cooking oil, and trans fatty acids are abundant in products like brick margarine and reheated oil.
Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for you, help in the fight against cancer. A good source would be cold-pressed olive oil or even Canola Oil.
The incidence of cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer, has increased dramatically in the last few years. The occurrence of cancer seems to increase in a population where the prevailing diet fat intake is high.

2. Too much refined flour products. The problem is refined flour products, such as white bread and pasta. Our bodies do not need to consume sugar, as we can produce our own from carbohydrates.
Refined foods used to be only available to the affluent. The general population tended to eat more healthy and less costly whole-wheat foods. When industrialization made it easy to refine all wheat, the refinement process removed much of the nutritional value wheat contains.

3. We consume too little anti-carcinogenics. Health studies have been done in America that indicate we do not eat enough foods which contain necessary ingredients such as anti-oxidants and good enzymes. Professor Walter Willet has also found that the lack of protective factors appears to be more important than excessive harmful factors in the diet.

Important anti-carcinogenics include:
– Studies have found the red colorant in tomatoes suppresses the incidence of prostate cancer by up to 50%. Tomatoes in all its forms, cooked, raw, pureed in cans or tomato sauce is a powerful anti-oxidant and should be consumed by everyone in large quantities. It is also inexpensive and freely available.
– There are chemicals in garlic and onion that stimulate the production of enzymes that neutralize cancer-producing cells.
– Fresh fruit and vegetables contain large amounts of anti-carcinogenics.

Foods to stay away from:
Limit or avoid the following:
– Animal fats, found in many different types of meat and dairy products.
– Large quantities of margarine are also unhealthy.
– Refined flour products are also problematic as is a high consumption of alcohol.
– High consumption of salt and sugar is also unhealthy.

Foods to be eaten regularly:
Increase the intake of the these:
– Foodstuffs high in B vitamins and folic acid, such as green beans and spinach.
– Foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish (tuna, Alaska salmon and mackerel, in particular) and olive oil not only lower cholesterol, but play an important role in combating the damage done by Omega 6 fatty acids.
– Fresh fruit and vegetables should be eaten regularly, as should whole-wheat grain products. In particular, vegetables that have cancer-fighting properties include green leafy vegetables and garlic and onions, both of which produce enzymes that neutralize cancer-producing cells. High consumption of tomatoes is also very good for you.

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