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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Glass Drizzle Cruets Are The Ideal Oil And Vinegar Decanters

Drizzle cruets; why do you need them in the kitchen?

olive oil bottleAll vinegars are corrosive because of their acidity. It is important that you store and dispense vinegar in containers made of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. Always use a cork or stopper made from a material that will not corrode or break down.

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Containers made of other metals, such as copper, aluminum, and chrome finishes should be avoided. There are many inexpensive stoppers and spouts that are produced in China that have a chrome or metallic finish. Once exposed to vinegar and left unattended the finish can be etched away practically dissolved in the contents of the bottle.

Hand blown glass drizzle cruets are made from laboratory grade borosilicate Simax glass. This type of glass is very durable for kitchen-ware, and similar to kitchen Pyrex. Glass is known for its hygienic and corrosive resistant properties. When using glass cruets to decant oil and vinegar, there is no metallic corrosion when exposed to vinegar, and the glass spouts and vessel are easily cleaned with dish soap and hot water.

Drizzle cruets are made of all glass composition. A two-piece cruet consists of one glass pour spout and vessel body. The glass pour spouts seat into the bottom vessel by friction fit. Each drizzle cruet has a flared neck receptacle which accepts a ground glass spout and will catch any drip after dispensing. The flared neck is also an integral funnel for filling the cruet. The drizzle cruet’s glass spout has a built in vent for pressure equalization when pouring.

The drizzle cruets have been designed to pour a perfect thin drizzle steam of oil and vinegar. Ideal for cooking or serving when the ‘drizzle’ method for olive oil or balsamic vinegar is needed.
Each drizzle cruet holds six fluid ounces and is dishwasher safe.
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