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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Oil and Vinegar for nutrition

oil and vinegarOlive oil and balsamic vinegar are loaded with good qualities and can turn even the most simple and drab salad into a gourmet delicacy. There’s just one thing – the oil must be extra virgin olive oil and the vinegar should ideally be authentic balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy. Both these seasonings add a lot of nutritive value to the dish along with imparting a distinct taste and aroma.There is no doubt that eating fresh organic vegetables is very important for the body because of its obvious nutritional content. However, when they are drenched with dressings and sauces they become laden with trans fat and chemical preservatives. So, when you eat a salad well mixed with say; mayonnaise, that can hardly be called a healthy meal!
On reading this you might be worried as eating fresh vegetables without condiments is not a very exciting option. There is absolutely no need to fret, as healthier and more delectable alternatives are available to you. Extra virgin olive oil and true balsamic vinegar are both very nutritious and yet delicious. They can used together or separately in a number of dishes to enhance their flavor. You might face some problems in acquiring these products. They are not always available at the local grocery stores. Most of the oil and vinegar on the racks is of commercial grade that is devoid of any natural flavor as they have undergone numerous processing methods. Many of them also have chemical preservatives. They add no nutritive value at all, and in fact, can even be harmful to you.
Now that you know of the two most healthy dressings and drizzles, you must also know how to store them well. They can last a long time if stored correctly. We have the optimal method of storing olive oil and vinegar – a method that preserves their taste and value and at the same time, it adds style and sophistication to your dining table. A glass Grape design oil and vinegar cruet.
When you order your extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, do not forget to order the Grape cruet, too. It is a very elegant product that makes a stunning statement and is a great conversation piece on any dinner table. Why is the Grape cruet the perfect solution? Here’s why :1. It is made of 100% heat – resistant SIMAX glass, which is the European equivalent of PYREX.
2. It has a unique design made of hand blown glass.
3. It has two different glass vessels, one within the other, to keep your oil and vinegar totally separate.
4. It is extremely durable in dispensing the olive oil and balsamic vinegar
5. It is fitted with airtight cork stoppers at every end.
6. The cruet is an example of European craftsmanship at its finest.

The Grape oil and vinegar cruet is one of the most functional yet elegant creations in the field of gourmet dispensers. It also makes a great gourmet gift and even a holiday gift that will be cherished by every lover of elegance. It catches the attention of everyone, as it is an innovative piece that is not commonly found.


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