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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Olive oil and polyphenols

Originating in the Middle East, olive oil has slowly become part of the American diet. Olive oil health benefits have been linked to the reduction in risk of many medical conditions, including heart disease and cancer. It is believed that olive oil health benefits may even extend to treating mild to moderate cases of psoriasis.

A skin disease, psoriasis causes red or silvery patches known as plaques on the skin. This is a result of inflammation and the body producing too much skin. The most frequently affected areas are the elbows and knees, but any part of the body can be affected by this often itchy or sore problem.

Research has indicated that an overactive immune system is likely responsible for psoriasis. Bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking, and current lifestyles that are often stressful are believed to make the condition worse. It is now thought that the olive oil health benefits may help to ease the condition, despite outside influences.

Almost 90 percent of psoriasis sufferers are afflicted with a mild to moderate case. Currently, most patients with mild to moderate cases are ineligble for treatment, due to the side affects associated with the therapies used. The olive oil health benefits recently discovered may be the answer for those patients who cannot receive traditional medical treatment.

Dr. Fujio Numano, a Japanese cardiovascular researcher, was researching the olive oil health benefits on the heart, and during this research found that psoriatic plaques were greatly improved by a particular preparation of the olive oil supplement, Olivenol.

One particular patient, who was undertaking medical therapy for their severe psoriasis, saw an 80 percent reduction in plaques within two months while taking the supplement. An unpublished clinical trial followed where several patients suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions further confirmed these results. Over an eight month period, all recorded a positive response in relation to olive oil health benefits, with good to excellent improvements.

It is believed that the compounds, polyphenols, are responsible for olive oil health benefits. These compounds have anti-inflammatory attributes and research has linked these to helping the body reduce inflammatory response. It is also possible that undiscovered attributes may be contained within olive oil, further increasing olive oil health benefits.

Along with these olive oil health benefits, an anti anti-inflammatory diet is also a contributor to reducing psoriatic plaques. A diet consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables, with protein sourced not from red meat, but from chicken, fish, beans nuts and seeds is considered to be an anti-inflammatory diet. It is interesting to note that olive oil is used generously in these ant-infammatory diets, providing further proof of olive oil health benefits.

Illnesses today are often caused by our lifestyles. Americans are notorious for having unbalanced lives suffering from sleep deprivation, unhealthy diets and never taking the time to slow down. Instead of looking to processed medications to get us through the day, instead we should be thinking naturally. Receiving olive oil health benefits is as easy as adding it to our cooking or salads. We simply need to take a moment to think about our health, and do something that is shown to improve it.

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