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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Olive oil bottle purpose and selection

olive oil bottleOlive oil bottle decanters for the table or as practical kitchen tools. Cooking with olive oil is not only healthy, but also flavorful, especially when using extra virgin olive oil. Gourmet cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is not inexpensive. Spills and inadvertent excessive use, either at the table, or during meal preparation must be avoided. Quality extra virgin olive oil is usually recommended to be drizzled or metered in very fine amounts. When a recipe calls for, “a drizzle of olive oil,” it usually means a very small stream of olive oil poured in rapid fashion.

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Quite often quality balsamic vinegar accompanies extra virgin olive oil in a matching decanter. Olive oil bottles, cruets, and drizzlers must be designed with two purposes. First and foremost, they must have elegance to remain on any dining table. Secondarily, but more importantly, they must be practical and useful. Any olive oil bottle that drips down the side after use becomes unsightly and causes guests to become reluctant to handle.

Rather than dispense olive oil from the manufacturer’s olive oil bottle at the dining table, a good cook will require a reliable olive oil dispenser. Likewise, cooking with olive oil is made simpler with an excellent olive oil decanter, saving many drips and spills.Today there are numerous designs of olive oil bottles. Popular decorative bottles will feature gourmet or Tuscan scenes on the sides of the bottles. Olive oil bottle suppliers from China make decorative nominal glass bottles that have been silk-screened or labeled to appear hand-painted. Many of these designs are square clear or colored glass bottles of either 250 ml or 500 ml size, and come with either cork stoppers or olive oil bottle pourers that fit into the neck. A word of caution regarding these bottle pour spouts: unless they are made entirely of glass or stainless steel, they will corrode with extended exposure to vinegar.

A decorative Olive Oil Bottle can also be made from ceramic material. Glass olive oil bottles are preferred by most chefs, as you can easily see the contents of the bottle; with ceramic containers, you can not. Drizzler glass olive oil bottles that function properly will pour olive oil conveniently with no drip or mess. A quality olive oil dispenser or cruet is very similar to a quality extra virgin olive oil: with a little determination and taste for excellence, you can find a product you will continue to use for years. olive oil bottle, olive oil dispenser, extra virgin olive oil, cooking with olive oil

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