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Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Gourmet Oil and Vinegar

Villa Bellentani, Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar di Modena

modena balsamic vinegarModena’s Villa Bellentani balsamic vinegar, truly a taste of Italy. One of their best products is the Aceto Gran Reserva 25 Balsamico di Modena aged 20 years.Villa Bellentani Balsamico from Modena is a kind of balsamic vinegar produced from handed down family aged traditions of numerous generations. Tradizionale Balsamico, is made from the ‘must’ of white Trebbiano Grapes cultivated in the region of Modena, Reggio, Italy.

Gourmet Modena Balsamic vinegar offers a balance of syrupy velvet density, both sweet and tart.
Villa Bellentani balsamic vinegar has a dark plum color, indicative of years of natural aging process. As the balsamic vinegar continues to age in family estate wooden casks, the darker the balsamic vinegar becomes. It will still remain pure, but the consistency becomes thicker. Eventually the density is like that of syrup.

Villa Bellentani balsamic vinegar mellows and enhances the taste of many different foods. It will add complex flavor and aroma to many gourmet dishes. Villa Bellentani taste as well as the authentic production of balsamico cannot be imitated by amateur balsamic vinegar producers. Villa Bellentani di Modena balsamico is a superior estate produced balsamic vinegar that exceeds any gourmet cook’s expectations.

Today’s Villa Bellentani production building, the beautiful villa in Carpi is a national Italian historic monument. It belonged to the Bellentani family since the Eighteenth century.

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